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* 8/24/11 *. Beekeepers Kumenskogo district lost more than half of apiaries. Bees have been victims of herbicides that work the fields.

The tragedy occurred at the beginning of August. By checking services JSC "Doronichi", fields that weeds sprayed herbicides started Rosselkhoznadzor specialists.
Victor Shulakov engaged bees for nearly 20 years. Apiary of 70 hives. Is the main income of the family, in the work of helping wife and son. Victor says that he has lost two-thirds of the flight of bees, which make up the strength of the family — bring nectar in hives.
VICTOR Shulakov, beekeepers' work deprived, deprived of earnings, damage large. "
In the village area, many with mountain ash Kumenskogo beekeeping. Hurt, including Vladimir Riabukhin. He wanted to develop the economy, for the bees to build a house for the winter, and now says, his hands dropped. All because agronomist JSC "Doronichi" late beekeepers warned about spraying fields with herbicides.
Galina Pogudin MANAGER for ensuring the safe handling of pesticides, agrochemicals and excavation CONTROL Rosselkhoznadzor in the Kirov region, "Warn had two days of all beekeepers within seven kilometers."
A warning for two hours. The bees were in the field, and the trouble could not be avoided. Who is to blame and what to do? As beekeepers recover losses?
VLADIMIR RYABUKHIN, beekeepers, "chief engineer called, he promised to investigate. Spoke to Gozman the settlement agreement, but the damage is greater than half a million. Gozman said he would communicate only through the courts. "
The farm does not deny guilt. A herbicide used to kill weeds and prepare the soil for spring planting.
NICHOLAS peasant, Rosselkhoznadzor INSPECTOR: "The field was treated with glyphosate. But weeds are in a period of flowering and the effect of any treatment. "
So it turns out — either themselves or others. The bees have died, weeds remain. Checking Rosselkhoznadzor economy continues. Penalty that can be imposed on the company for non-compliance — from 10 to 100 thousand rubles. Beekeepers are going to sue.
Author: Anastasia Voynolovich 
Source: STRC "Vyatka"

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