The death of the bees in the Nizhny Novgorod region


NIZHNY NOVGOROD, August 23. Department for ensuring the safe handling of pesticides and agrochemicals Rosselkhoznadzor revealed a number of serious irregularities in the use of drugs in food crops. Events were held in connection with the applications of citizens of the death of bees after treatment fields.

The audit found that the treatment was carried out with the use of aircraft by unauthorized pesticide "Tanrek." Damage to nature while experts estimate. However, even without a preliminary assessment of the environmental center manager "Dodo" Askhat Kayumov said a significant reduction in bee populations.

"Count for sure — no one will count. And chemicals — is only part of the trouble. Bees are also dying of electromagnetic radiation that give cell phones. Perhaps this affects their orientation system, — he said. — In Europe, the situation is even more serious. We need more research. As for the specific case, the problem should be considered systematically. We have a law that you can check the private entrepreneur only 1 time in 3 years. From here and all our troubles "

"In the past criticized the system" nightmare "business. And now that most business "nightmare" of people. Need to tighten the law, then such cases will be less at times, "- said the ecologist.


Source: Rosbalt

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