The drought came to the central and eastern provinces of China

Eastern province of Anhui and central Hubei experiencing extremely dry weather conditions. Hundreds of people in these parts of China are experiencing a shortage of drinking water, let alone water for other purposes. From May 2012 to the north of Anhui fell only 26 mm of rainfall, which is the lowest in the history of the province.
Along the banks of a dry river Vohe on line 3 km long left over a thousand boats, had been actively engaged in fishing. The drought has left more than two thousand people out of work and food. According to forecasts, the situation with the rains in Anhui improve by the middle of summer to the beginning of storm season.
South Hubei fortunate few more, as the rains came there on June 25. However, to replenish the missing moisture, require more than one shower, because the dry weather struck 31 District. Economic loss of 5.1 million yuan ($ 55 million). bolbu on the effects of drought sent 883,000 professionals.
Only in this part of China since the beginning of June from the difficulties associated with drought affected 813,000 people. The volume of water reservoirs decreased by 22% compared to last year. Completely dried up 94 rivers and 141 Reservoir. Some cities in the north of Hubei witnessed extremely high temperatures up to + 35C, which is not typical for this part of the country.Source:

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