The Earth will be a second sun

According to official figures, the star Betelgeuse — one of the brightest in the sky — is close to becoming a supernova. In particular, according to the physicist Brad Carter of the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, located 640 light years from Earth in the constellation of Orion, the star could explode at any moment.Scientists believe that the flow of light and electromagnetic radiation from the explosion of the star will be so strong that people can watch the sky birth of a second sun, and a wave of electromagnetic radiation, which arose from the explosion, break all the satellite system and most of the electronics in the world.According to the scientist, in the sky "second sun" will appear in two weeks, and it will shine even at night, which is probably because of this will turn into a day.Professor of the Institute of Technology in New Jersey, Philip Goode sure that the assertion that the star will explode in 2011 or 2012 is just a hypothesis. Some Russian scientists, the star Betelgeuse is indeed in the red giant phase (the last stage of evolution before the explosion, after which it will become a supernova), but this explosion can occur in hundreds of thousands of years.


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