The earthquake cracked walls in Sedelnikovo kindergarten. Video


13.12.12.Zhiteli station Sedelnikovo (Sverdlovsk region) complained about the earthquakes that occur because of explosions at an abandoned quarry new lens to which a straight line is only 3 km. Seismic activity has led to the fact that the roads and the buildings there are cracks, reports "News 41."

Suffered even a single kindergarten, which will be put in two weeks: on its walls have cracks. The hardest workers have the boiler room, which is located close to the quarry. Firemen go to work, as in war. Surviving window crosswise taped with duct tape, and already broken glass did not even insert — have closed the hole with plywood.

The echo of explosions heard not only in Sedelnikovo but in Patrushev, and even in the October Syrset where supposedly because progress regularly torn soil pipe. The plant, which holds the career blasting, note that this is the technology of production, which has permissions. The prosecutor's office and the local government going to intervene in the proceedings and send a letter to the authorities of the region to investigate the situation.

Recall that a similar claim to the regional authorities treated the inhabitants of the Red Aduya and Upper Pyshma. They complained about the blasting, which took place at the training ground in the disposal of ammunition. Soon the military switched to bezdetonatsionnoe destruction of shells, and a few days ago and did stop work at the site.

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