The explosion of a meteor on the northern island of N. Zealand

Last night, at an altitude of 80 km above the Oakland enchanting bright meteor exploded, allowing lucky to fully enjoy the spectacle.

The incident was seen over much of the North Island of Zealand, especially over Oakland.

Auckland Observatory employee "Stardem" David Britten said it was an amazing sight, but their astronomers have witnessed the incident.

He said that according to reports, it was more of a meteor, not a fragment of space debris.

"Features of the explosion point is a meteor."

He said that the explosion occurred at an altitude of 80 km and at a very high speed. However, the witnesses believed that it was still close.

"Judging from the tracks, and if anything survived the blast, then it is somewhere on the high seas."

David Berger from north of Auckland told us that when he lay on his bed, and published reports, the sky suddenly became brightly lit. He saw a spark in the distance. His message was dated 11:13 pm.

Vic Oliver, from West Auckland saw something raced through the Southern Cross and Pointers. "At about 4 seconds. object was brilliant, "- he wrote.

"In Layneme Manukau and everything was illuminated, as by welding."

"It was much brighter than the light of day, with a strong blue tint. My daughter saw it from his bedroom on the opposite side of the house through the curtains and through the branches of bushes. "

According to Graham Howard it was like a big firework.

Blair Hill was sitting in her the spa resort in Forrest Hill, on the north coast, when a meteor flashed across the sky. "It was one of the most striking phenomena that I have ever seen. It is moving at a speed of more than 10 000 km per hour, compared with the speed of the plane that I see when flying over my house on record. "

Another witness said that the meteor was moving across town south of Auckland, to the north-east. It was "so bright that even the lawn was covered in daylight."

In fact, the neighbors came together in a single opinion.

"About 20 seconds later heard a big bang and rumbling noise for some time at a distance in this direction."

Witnesses from the site of Hobsonvillya reported that "the sky lit up with blue-green light, coming from the same point, which is then split into three parts orange …"

Provides the following description of the witnesses:

— From Albany, north of the city: "… large bright white flash in the sky";
— The driver of the motorway in Northcote: "… too big and fast for fireworks";
— Howick witness: "… the light was bright";
— Local Grey Lynn: "big, bright blue object hurtling through the sky";
— "The biggest meteor I've ever seen";
— Raglan resident said about the effect of the sound of blows, because of which woke the dog and nearby birds.

Translation: Anna Krasnov

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