The explosions shook the house in Jurg


14.09.12.Utilizatsiyu shells resumed on Yurginsky military range. Local residents broke off phones rescue: their apartments heaving furniture, cracked walls and windows.

Regular explosions rattled on Wednesday evening, to 20.00 at intervals of two to three minutes. As reported by residents Jurga, it appears that at the site bombed bookmark increased power without the use of "Destroyer", which allows utilization of ammunition bezdetonatsionnym way. Affect the high-level military government of the city may have a long time, and artists work on recycling lead one reason: "We have orders!" Notes "Kuzbass".

When bombs exploded at the site, the first, third and fourth districts Jurga shock wave covers immediately after screening and of the great white fungus on the landfill site. At that moment, the cry is heard simultaneous car alarms. In multifamily apartments from the fifth to the ninth floor starts to move furniture, break glass. Residents of Upper Taymenki, transverse and Belyanina which are located on the edges of the polygon, complain skewed windows, destroying the foundations of houses, cracking furnaces
"I have a house completely around the perimeter away from the foundation, the walls burst! — Says a resident of the village of Upper Taymenka Victor Shilyaev. — Took a statement in New Romanov village administration, but no help was promised. Home away from each explosion jumps. I'm afraid the general collapse. "

Military blow, and regional authorities have to pay the consequences. As noted earlier "Newspaper Kemerovo", residents of the region's budget Jurga whose homes have suffered from explosions, were paid compensation in the amount of 700 thousand rubles.

Sergey Dergachev

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