The famous chair-killer

In the English Yorkshire inn located "Busby's Chair", which is notorious killer chair belonging to a famous murderer Thomas Busby. The chair was absolutely remarkable as his owner did not bloody maniac, for some unknown reason, cursed chair.

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This event occurred before the hanging of Thomas — he shouted that anyone who sat down in his chair, not die a natural death and go to hell. From that moment marked the beginning of victims.

Prophecy gallows successfully come true — for 300 years from the chair-killers suffered more than 60 people. The latest victim was a 18 year old American who celebrated his birthday in a restaurant, "Busby's chair." Seeing the famous chair bolted to the floor and walled silver chain, she immediately sat down in it and explained his action by the fact that she does not believe in the curse of some abnormal killers. Calmly uncorked a fresh bottle of beer and sitting in a terrible chair, continued the celebration. On the same evening the unfortunate ravaged by a pack of stray dogs.

No less notable previous victim chairs killer. Accountant from Trenton, quite mature and serious woman promised his friends not only to sit in a chair by Thomas Busby, but on his return home in person to tell them about their feelings. The hotel staff did not manage to prevent unfortunate in the implementation of the first part of his plan. Upon returning tourists to the hotel, the cable lift on which she climbed into my room, broke down and broke on the sixth floor.

Friends of the dead women highlight the fact that the victims did not believe in curses, ghosts and other mysticism. A restaurant owner, "Busby Chair" refuses to destroy the chair belonged to Thomas Busby.

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