The first batch of metallized paper is made at the Galileo Nanotech


In early January, at the company ZAO "Galileo Nanotech" in Hotkovo Sergiev Posad, Moscow region produced the first batch of embossed metallized paper

Party embossed metallized paper was made on the paper-based Niklakett Spezial TD density of 68 g / m2 production of B &B.

At the company's CJSC "Galileo Nanotech" label paper is made of vacuum metallization for similar western technology. This material with special properties of the back to returnable packaging used in the manufacture of bottle labels for the beer industry, and has such features as water resistance and alkali resistance.

Vacuum metallized paper label method has stable printing and technical properties. It is suitable for various printing technologies such as offset, gravure, flexo printing. The paper has good adhesion of paint, high stability to postpress operations such as cutting, flower cutting, embossing.

Furthermore, this paper is suitable for all types of adhesive systems, the paper substrate satisfies the requirements of high-speed labeling machines.




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