The first cases of cholera in Venezuela


* 1/27/11 * In Venezuela, several cases of cholera. As it turned out, ill citizens last week, returned home from a wedding of relatives living in the Dominican Republic. As reported by "France Press", 21 people hospitalized in Venezuela, another 12 cases were treated by Venezuelans in the Dominican Republic.

According to Health Minister Eugenia Sader, has applied to the population of the country to take responsibility for precautionary measures, the epidemic is not threatened Venezuela: the water supply in the country, "beautiful", so the infection is unlikely.

Dominican border with Haiti, where a cholera epidemic began in October 2010. Victims of dangerous infectious diseases have become almost 4000 Haitians. In the Dominican Republic in November last year, 238 people became ill, has one fatal disease.

Author: Viktor Ozerov

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