The first children’s TV channel without advertising is 4 years old

"My joy"Children's educational TV channel family, whose main task — to promote the formation of the audience of moral guidelines on the basis of family, cultural and historical values. As the name of channel taken greetings one of the most revered Russian Saints — St. Seraphim of Sarov. "My joy" One of the few Russian channels, providing a 24-hour presence in the air at the expense of original programming of its own production. The grid is not broadcast advertising.

The TV channel "My joy" can rightly be called channel dobroveschaniya as all its programs and films devoted to the main values in life: family, children, education and enlightenment. "My joy" offers a wide selection of children's programs and programs for family viewing — educational, entertainment, music, as well as nonfiction, fiction and animated films. A special place in the produced content is a block transmission enlightening and educational character. The slogan "With us, the house comes to joy!" Reflects the main areas of activity of the creative team: to convey to the audience the joy of love, the joy of learning, the joy of creativity and the joy of communication.

Rapidly developing channel partner network, "My joy". Through regional, cable and IPTV-operators (over 400 partners broadcasters with a total capacity of networks of more than 5 million subscribers) ensured the presence of the channel in more than two thousand settlements in almost all regions of the Russian Federation. Among the partners of the TV channel "my joy": OJSC "Rostelecom", "Tricolor TV" Beeline TV »,« NetByNet »,« Central Telegraph "and others, as well as the largest network of Moscow, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. Over the past year, the network broadcast of "My joy" has expanded considerably in the territories of the Commonwealth. In 2011 began broadcasting programs in the United States and Canada.

TV channel began broadcasting in 2008. Over the 4 years of existence in the face of more than 16 million TV viewers got a good and reliable friend.

Products awarded with the TV channel as a national program promotion of the best Russian goods and services for children "The best — to children!"

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