The first ever! March 9 — Birthday of Yuri Gagarin

"This is not my personal glory. Would I be able to get into space, being a loner? This is the glory of our nation. "

"Once a child read the words of VP Chkalov" If to be, be the first. " So I try it and I will be until the end. "

Yuri Gagarin

He smiled his immortal smile, which had once said: "My life — one perfect moment."


And the beginning of the space age — 12 April 1961 flight aboard the "East", which is now near the "Apollo", "union", "space shuttle" seems fragile keel. And then the planet froze for a moment that a second blow in all languages, "Man in Space! Yuri Gagarin. "

Sink into oblivion and be forgotten bloated glory and grandeur, the names of the kings and the stars; Gagarin — an everlasting name, because a man "with a boyish smile and the courage of the eagle" has carried out the most fantastic and the strong vision of humanity. HG Wells, Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe idea that, having overcome the force of gravity, the person will become stronger. And the poor deaf prophet of Kaluga has said he will "mountains of bread and a bottomless pit of power" — from there, from space.

A complete unknown before Gagarin, cunning cosmic abyss smiled his most charming smile, the earth, knowing that the return of the flight to the stars can be a chariot of glory, but just as easily turn into flying into the abyss of the sarcophagus. After running the day before his flight to the same orbit spacecraft — burned down. Bee Fly mutts and did not return to Earth. Korolev gloomy, depressed and astronauts, everyone who was at Baikonur. In any case, wrote a farewell letter to his wife, and fined properly educate children. And went — to the Stars!

And when he came back to us safely to the Earth, we wanted to, so these are people who cram it all into the Procrustean bed of the Ideal and Hero. Skeptics, such as is always, even called "the darling of fortune." This "spoiled child" as a child nagolodalsya, immature teenager on his shoulders he shouldered the burden of adult labor. Selected services in the Arctic, although he could offer to remain in flight school instructor. Of all the comrades who came with him in the Saratov Flying Club, neither it is not finished, and Yuri even received two diplomas with honors — for technical and flying club. A severe selection in the first group of astronauts?

In his youth, Yuri did not think of world-wide fame, the boys of the fifties not dreaming about the mysteries of the galaxy, the difficult post-war time this did not have wanted to quickly get up, learn a profession, a craft, so bring your family to the ruble earned. He went to the foundry. In the vocational school wall newspaper was first printed about him. Cross Country rival on the steep turn broke the stick, and Yuri gave him his. And an elderly storekeeper Anna Kuzminichna Isaev wrote about him that he is not only a good student, but always helps her lingerie spread, ship 'all heavy units and mattresses. " "And if you give the house a basket of apples, to not inform his bedside, all on the road will distribute." "Generous. Always smiling and cheerful, says he — lucky. " Then he composed a song about him, "How do you like from a fairy tale come to earth. The palate has asked for leave, but had a brief vacation. "


Most of all, he did not want to be "varnished", portrayed by some "superman." "I, like other people, a lot of mistakes — wrote in his diary. — There are also its weaknesses. No need to idealize the person … And then it turns unpleasantly, as if I was a good girl, so pretty that sickening. " One can only wonder sagacity General Nikolai Kamanina, Assistant Commander of the Air Force, who led all the work on the preparation of cosmonauts, and other officials involved in the upcoming launch, razglyadevshy a young lieutenant and internal potential, and natural intelligence (Yuri was a "simple", but not simple), the attractive qualities.

Shakespeare, Paganini, Mozart, Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Columbus — that row, which rightly got the first cosmonaut of humanity, our compatriot Yuri Gagarin. And he took part in this work not only because it made his high flying, but also because the person he is special. It was showed the best of what for centuries formed the Russian people, in the Russian soul in the Russian heart.

One gets the impression that when people in many different countries, crowds came out to meet him, they felt not so much delight from knowing that they face the first cosmonaut of humanity, but from the very image of Gagarin — from his smile, his face, his eyes radiating love, peace and quiet. His personality was a balancing principle. It was something that always waited wait and wait for people.

In Yuri Alexeyevich like Dostoevsky's prophecy came true vseotzyvchivosti Russian soul, its ability to embrace the world. And when a smiling Gagarin appeared on the ramp with open arms, it caused a great response from people feeling of brotherly love.

Dirty Rotten russophobes Trotskyists and scatter in different directions from the Gagarin smiles as the lower parts of the rat stream of bright light. Gagarin — the hero, but the hero is special, not a Western-style. Western man, in any case acts as a maverick, representing himself. Yuri thought and felt in council as the representative of a great nation. Every word, every interview after the flight showed that he genuinely did not consider himself a heroic personality. He said: "I am an ordinary Russian people."

As he tried russophobes deleted from our language the word "Russia" and "Russian", nothing they have not obtained. Our next-generation spacecraft, which should start in 2015, will be called "Rus". Is not it our pledge of a quick recovery? And Gagarin will again be the main pilot of Russia.

The main strength of man — is the power of the spirit …

Yuri Gagarin


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