The first field meeting of the working group on peat

At the production sites of Vladimir bioenergy cluster Corporation "Bioenergy" was visiting session of the working group to prepare a package of measures aimed at creating the conditions for the use of peat in the production of heat and electricity. The Working Group was established by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation in February this year on behalf of the Prime Minister. The group included representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economic Development, the Federal Forestry Agency, the executive bodies of a number of subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as heads of companies working in the field of mining, processing and use of peat. Led a group of Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky.

  • Equipment upgraded boiler on turf
  • Equipment upgraded boiler on turf


Within the field meeting of members of the working group visited the main production areas of Vladimir bioenegeticheskogo cluster. Demonstration route included a visit to the new bio-boiler plants on peat fuel in the villages of St. Andrew and Sojm Sudogodsky area, and inspection of the plant for the production of peat briquettes in the village. Mezinovsky Gus Crystal area.


The main objective of the first meeting of the working group — the organization of exchange of experience, discussion of technology in the field of energy peat and preparation of proposals for the Government of Russia, the implementation of which would contribute to the wider use of peat in the economy, especially in the sectors of small and medium regional power.


"The result of this meeting should be the start of certain activities across the spectrum of the working agenda. — Said in his welcome address to the participants of the meeting the Board of Directors of the corporation "Bioenergy" DM Iakobachvili. — We do not need to convince each other of the feasibility of using peat moss in low and medium power. As industrialists, we understand the importance and urgency of the problem, as it is currently undergoing significant changes in the international energy market. "

"Peat — an efficient fuel. Given the increase in prices of other energy sources such as gas, oil and coal, local fuels that do not depend on transportation costs, are competitive, "- said Deputy Minister of Energy AB Janowski and stressed that the venue of the first field meeting of selected not by accident. "In the Vladimir region, we have an example of how to correctly realized the great potential of peat. Those results in the field of mining, development and use of peat, which hit the region over the past two years, have contributed to the fact that the decision was made to hold a meeting here, "- said A. B. Janowski. During the meeting the head of the working group gave a positive assessment of the industrial base of peat processing plant, noting that is used primarily in the production of domestic equipment.

First Deputy Governor of the Vladimir region AV Konishev, who took part in a working meeting, pointed out that the purpose of the effective use of local fuels in 2010 approved a long-term target program "Integrated development of mining, processing and use of peat in the Vladimir region for the period 2011 -2016 years. " Dimensions investments under the program will be about 1 billion rubles. The outcomes of the program was the creation of over 120 new jobs, attracting private investment of over 350 million rubles, the introduction of new automated boilers capable of operating on local fuel.

Currently in the field of operation for more than 30 boilers to biomass. In the future planned transfer 100 boilers burning solid and liquid fuels, local fuels, including peat. Thus the cost of production of heat from the peat briquettes and pellets below in relation to coal by 17%, to fuel oil — by 45%.

In 2011, the Governor of the Vladimir region and the Corporation "Bioenergy" (Moscow) signed an investment agreement under which created Vladimir bioenergy cluster full cycle, including production, processing peat generation of heat and power facilities engineering support.

As a result of field meeting it was decided to create a special sub-groups, supervising all areas of the process, from the extraction of peat and ending the use of the final product. Members of the working group decided to hold the next meeting in May this year on peat plants Kirov region.


Corporation "Bioenergy" — an industrial holding company in the field of alternative energy. Owns assets that provide a complete production cycle for peat extraction and processing, production and distribution of finished products, the generation of heat and electricity, and industrial engineering. The main production assets are located in the center of the European part of Russia. In May 2012, joined the venture capital fund "Synergy Innovations."


Vladimir's bio-energy cluster Bioenergy Corporation was established in 2011 on the basis of a number of regional enterprises in the peat industry. As part of the cluster: JSC "Vladimirtorf", LLC "Vladtorf" LLC, "Vladimir Bioenergy Company." Engineering support a cluster of power, installation and commissioning of the processing equipment is made by companies OOO «NESEN Engineering» and «Neo Smart Energy"


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