The first heart transplant operation conducted in the Kuzbass

Kuzbass Cardiology for the first time in the area had heart transplant surgery, thus becoming the seventh clinic in Russia beyond the Urals and the second, performed a similar transplant, said the regional administration.

The operation carried out 44-year-old man with severe heart pathology, it lasted five hours. The patient was operated on 15 specialists under the leadership of the head physician of Cardiology, academician Leonid Barbarash.

"This is an event of great importance for the Kuzbass medicine, since operations of this level — this is one of the indicators of effective development of the region's health" — the regional department of public health.

The patient is in stable condition. He will still have to undergo immunosuppressive therapy, to avoid organ rejection. For 2013 Kuzbass Cardiology received a quota of five transactions on the waiting list there are 20 people. If the quota is selected earlier, the management of the center will apply for its increase. Transaction costs the state incurs.

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