The first Hyundai vehicle rolls off the line Autotor

Company "Autotor holding" opened in Kaliningrad production line of commercial trucks Hyundai, the first car off the assembly line on September 5.

"The production facilities to the production of the first phase (up to 2015) — 10,000 cars a year, three to seven models. Prior to 2018 is planned to bring to 25,000 cars a year with the possibility of the production of the entire range of Hyundai", — said the agency interlocutor.

According to him, it is a joint project of the Russian holding group and Hyundai / Kia (Korea). 
"Both parties in the project invested about $ 23 million in about equal proportions on each side," — said the representative of the holding. 

The project is carried out in the industrial area near Kaliningrad plant with a total area of 75,000 square meters. There is already built manufacturing complex with a total area of 14.7 thousand square meters. 
As the representative of the plant, the preparation of the project started in August 2011. In June 2012, the plant was conducted pilot batch model HD-78.

"It is planned to manufacture the entire range of commercial vehicles with a wide range of universal and specific add-ons, as well as buses," — said the representative of the company. 
He stressed that the project is implemented by the classical scheme, as well as similar projects Auto production in the Russian Federation — the first stage of delivery using 100% of the components from the Korean partner 
"Currently, 100% of the components comes from Korea, but in early 2013 may be commenced delivery of the four components of Russia. Hope and Kaliningrad companies will pick up this project," — said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Autotor holding" Valery Gorbunov on the opening line. 
According to RIA Novosti, the representative of the Government of the region, now Kaliningrad authorities are working with road holding ability of production in Kaliningrad school buses. 
"The total investment in the creation of automotive cluster in the region (which is going to create a company" Autotor Holding ") — more than 98 billion rubles. Planned development capacity — up to the level of production of 350,000 cars a year, which guarantees for Kaliningrad to 28,000 new jobs. The Governor discussed with management perspective issue of school buses. Therefore, it is likely that in the near future Kaliningrad students will ride the bus to school produced in our region ", — reported in the government. 
According to the source, automotive cluster, which intends to create a "Autotor holding" in Kaliningrad, given the role of "anchor" project in the development of the region. 
Implementation of the project will create automotive cluster for the residents of the Kaliningrad area of 25,000 new jobs. 
Company "Autotor holding" in conjunction with the Canadian automotive components manufacturer Magna will create the region's automotive cluster production capacity of 350,000 vehicles per year. It will include plants already existing partners "Autotor" — BMW, General Motors, Kia and others. 
In total, the new automotive cluster in the Kaliningrad region plans to build 21 plants, of which six — a full production cycle, and 15 enterprises for the production of automotive components. 
Group of companies "Autotor" engaged in the production of cars of components and assemblies of foreign manufacture for the world's leading manufacturers, including KIA Motors, BMW AG, General Motors, Opel.

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