The first indoor ice arena opened in Sakhalin

First Sakhalin covered ice rink on September 28 started work in the regional center. At the grand opening of the complex "Arena-City" came a three-time Olympic figure skating champion Irina Rodnina.

She noted that the Soviet Union had about 100 sites with artificial ice, while only over the past four years, Russia has added more than 300 new ice complex.

"Finally, the first ice complex is open and Sakhalin. I am more than confident that there will be great skaters, hockey hottest battles will be champions who will raise their successes halls around the world, to hear the music of our victories — a hymn of Russia ", — said I. Rodnina.

As the Governor of Sakhalin Region Alexander Horoshavin in the near future will witness the opening of the islanders even larger this object — the Ice Palace. Construction will begin biathlon complex will develop sports and tourist complex "Mountain Air", and all of these objects will form the basis of the center of winter sports in Sakhalin.

"For us the most important thing is that as many boys and girls involved in sports. That's the goal, that is the basis. But if some of them will be their Rodnina, their Ulanova, it will be great, "- said the head of the region.

"Arena City" — a joint project of the Government of the Sakhalin region, business structure and Savings Bank. The new complex will be able to Sakhalin to play hockey and figure skating all year round. Ice rink area of 1.8 thousand square meters. m can be transformed into a concert venue with modern lighting and sound equipment, designed for 900 seats. It will open figure skating and hockey, a set of professional trainers already implemented. Everyone is welcome to take the skates rental.

Within the walls is a fitness club, a ring for boxing and pankration, as well as baths, swimming pools, sports bar, restaurant and shops sportswear.

After the official part of the audience demonstrated a laser show, who spoke about the construction of the complex — from idea to opening ceremony. Then the gathering were the artists of the Moscow theater on ice «Color Ice».

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