The first of a new generation of aluminum grain is made by specialists Concern Tractor plants

JSC "Promtractor Wagon" (g.Kanash, Chuvashia, part of the concern "Tractor plants") issued the first test hopper car with a body made of high-strength aluminum alloy 1565ch. Hopper car designed for the transport of grain and bulk goods that need protection from the weather. The novelty body of innovative aluminum alloy 1565ch developed by specialists of "Alcoa Russia."


With a lower density compared with steel, aluminum, substantially reduces the weight of vehicles. Thus, through the use of an alloy 1565ch and trucks with increased axle load carrying capacity in the 25ts presenting the model in question is 80 tons, which is 12.5 more than 1520 industry peers. Aluminium plates, sheets and profiles for hopper car manufactured at the plant "Alcoa" Belaya Kalitva (JSC "Alcoa Metallurg Rus"). To connect the body parts hopper car used steel fasteners such as Bobtail, manufactured in factories Alcoa Fastening Systems (Alcoa Fastening Systems) in Texas (USA) and in Telford (UK). The advantage of aluminum hopper car in comparison with competing products are:

  • high resistance to corrosion,
  • possibility of contact with food without applying protective coatings to the body,
  • residual values for aluminum recycling
  • environmental friendliness.

It is also important that the return of empty wagons aluminum requires much less energy. A new generation of car is reliable, high-quality performance, has established period of 30 years. Rail grain ready for certification tests. The joint innovative products to companies, "Alcoa Russia" and machine-industrial group "Concern" Tractor plants "interested operators of rolling stock in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, noted the company.

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