The first outpatient dialysis center opened in Krasnoyarsk

It is designed on the principle of public-private partnerships. Commercial firm built the building, purchased equipment and trained staff, and the regional budget purchased services for the treatment. Therefore, the artificial kidney for free can take advantage of each patient.


In addition to outpatient dialysis center in Krasnoyarsk region have already been built and Perinatal Cardiology, built a network of vascular centers and will soon build new housing Oncology Center. The theater begins with a hanger, and a hospital with a registry. However, here it is called modern — "retsepshion." Next instead of the usual wardrobe lockers that are locked, so you can take procedures and not be afraid for the safety of personal belongings. And then, finally, the most important thing — the dialysis room. There are artificial kidney machines. As with everything in the center — the most advanced. Comfortable chairs and even televisions.

Galina VARLAMOVA: "The difference as it is very difficult, because we have a little walk, but of course the heavens and the earth, the conditions where there was a very old machines, not words vyskazhesh and everything is new, very good for us to enjoy."

We Galina Barto chronic renal failure, this terrible diagnosis put her 12 years ago. Now, without expert help, she will not survive. It comes on a four-hour procedure, 3 times a week and so all my life.

YURI DANILCHENKO: "If the regional hospital, under the existing sites, the patient received 1 treatment, but now he gets 3 European standard procedure, and a month later, we imagine that a patient who is already in a month on dialysis, he will completely different feel. "

This center was established on the principle of public-private partnerships. A private investor built the building, purchased equipment and trained staff. In turn, the regional budget buys all hemodialysis patients and get them for free. By the way the establishment of such a center is fully a part of the modernization of health care, which has taken the government.

Vadim Yanin: "The modernization program, which we adopted at the level of the Government of the Russian Federation and in fact, is under the constant supervision of the governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, it is, as such, we aim to reduce mortality, the goal of modernization is not just equipping clinics, higher salaries, and before only one purpose only — to reduce this mortality. "

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