The first robotic pharmacy has opened in Moscow

September 20, 2011 in Moscow has opened a new pharmacy Evalar in which the drug is ordered and delivered to the cash register is not a pharmacist, and a special robot. While in other pharmacies pharmacists alone for several minutes looking for drugs in different lockers in the new pharmacy Evalar Consis robot does it for 7 seconds.


Installation of high-tech robot has become a key element of the concept of a pharmacy in the center of Moscow "new type". Was based on the best European standards — a new approach to computation, stringent quality control, the widest range of products.

The mechanism serves four jobs at once, and at the same time accommodates 10 thousand packages of drugs.

The first such approach to pharmacy space and robotics appeared in France, in Paris, where small areas of pharmacy standard layout makes it impossible to provide the full range of products. Ten-thousandth of a robot tank radically solved the problem, according to a press release.

"If in the usual drugstore pharmacist to serve customers before five minutes at the pharmacy Evalar on Tverskaya on customer service time will be wasted three times less. This will serve in the pharmacy and a half thousand customers per day, "- the company said.

Also, the pharmacy will work consultants.

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