The first student construction teams arrived at the Olympic construction

More than 700 soldiers this summer student teams will participate in the construction of the Olympic site — a combined road and railway "Adler — skiing resort" Alpika-Service. "

The first 40 volunteers from Rostov-on-Don arrived on the scene at Monday, May 30 — Told the agency deputy head of the Sochi units of "BUILD TRUST", part of the group of companies "SK MOST" Viktor Goncharov.

First of all, we are attracting students from leading universities profiled Russia. It has become a tradition in the summer on our construction sites will work the students of Moscow, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Omsk and Novosibirsk. For the first time in this year's student team will arrive in Yekaterinburg in the 110 people — Goncharov said.

According to him, the scope of work for studotryadov already identified 100 people will be involved in the priportalnyh sites tunnels, another 100 will attract the construction of bridges and other entrust construction of gabion structures (designed to strengthen the banks) in the riverbed Mzimta.

Compared to last year the number of students invited to the work practice in Sochi, has increased.
In 2010, on construction sites, the group of companies "SK MOST" employs about 500 future professionals in the field of construction.

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