The first training-combat helicopter Mi-28UB performed a demonstration flight

August 9 Mi-28UB made its first demonstration flight in the flight test station "Rostvertol", part of the holding "Helicopters of Russia".

Mi-28UB — a special helicopter with a double set of controls that can be used to study piloting the Mi-28N, while retaining all the features of an attack helicopter.

Create Mi-28UB meet customer demands, especially the Ministry of Defense of Russia. This modification is intended to train military pilots who need to practice flying in helicopters Mi-28N "Night Hunter". In this case, the Mi-28UB can perform all the functions of an attack helicopter, which include search and destruction of equipment and manpower, low-speed air targets at any time of the day and in adverse weather conditions.

The main difference between the new Mi-28UB of the Mi-28N "Night Hunter" is a double-hydro-mechanical control system that allows you to control the helicopter from both the cockpit and cabin of the pilot-operator who shall be the instructor. The new helicopter cabin instructor increased, expanded upper canopy cockpit, changed the configuration of energy-absorbing seats.


The new Mi-28UB will enable to improve and make more efficient the process of training pilots of helicopters Mi-28N "Night Hunter", which are supplied to the Russian Air Force and are offered for export. In addition, keeping the full potential of the attack helicopter, the Mi-28UB is ready to serve in the ranks on a par with the "Night Stalker".

Holding "Helicopters of Russia" (a subsidiary of "Oboronprom" entering the State Corporation "Russian Technologies") will present at the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS-2013) new training and combat helicopter Mi-28UB created holding company — "Rostvertol" on based combat helicopter Mi-28N "Night Hunter".

A few days later the helicopter Mi-28UB in Zhukovsky near Moscow will go to the site of the MAKS-2013. At the air show for the first time, this modification will be presented to visitors: Mi-28UB be located at the static holding company "Helicopters of Russia".

At the facilities "Rostvertol" also made Mi-28N, Mi-26 (T), and Mi-35M.

"Rostvertol" — helicopter holding company "Helicopters of Russia". "Rostvertol" produces a wide range of helicopters of "Mi" and is working to repair and modernize its fleet of helicopters produced by the enterprise, the supply of aviation equipment and service. At present JSC "Rostvertol" serially produces the following aircraft: the new generation combat helicopter Mi-28N "Night Hunter" (Mi-28NE in the export version), a new helicopter gunships Mi-35M, multi-purpose transport helicopter Mi-26T is the lifting helicopter in the world.

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