The first Ukrainian super-premium brand enters the world market

Brand Staritsky &Levitsky Reserve Vodka introduces the world to the traditions of Ukrainian vodka art by presenting your product to the largest specialized exhibition London International Wine Fair-2013 held in the British capital on May 20-22. 

More than 15,000 visitors to the International Wine Fair 2013, including major distributors, representatives of the world of restaurant and hotel chains have had the opportunity to meet with Ukrainian ultra-premium product — Staritsky &Levitsky Reserve Vodka. Visitors appreciated the authentic Ukrainian premium drink made by the author's 100-year-old recipe passed down from generation to generation.

Exhibition London International Wine Fair-2013 — is an outstanding event, which is held every year. It brings together all the leading specialists in the field of wine and spirits producers in Europe and around the world. Thus, this event was a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of Ukrainian vodka production and, thanks to the product Staritsky &Levitsky Reserve Vodka, appreciate the richness that can offer fertile Ukrainian soil.

When a person found to be changing the course of history! When Mr. Staritskiy met Mr. Levitsky was born is another story. Shared a meal with friends, enjoy quality vodka. This vodka is produced in small batches by small wineries from old Ukrainian recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. At the table, treating a delicious meal, the idea — to produce a unique premium vodka. Gentlemen decided to join forces.

Staritsky &Levitsky Reserve Vodka is the epitome of history. Vodka, which is made in the Carpathian Region, famous for its clean environment and rich nature, combines the ancient secrets of cleaning and age-old traditions. Vodka is used in the manufacture of pure spring water Carpathian mountains, rich in quartz, which gives the sophisticated taste of the vodka, the better the grain grown in the fertile Ukrainian black earth.

At the international exhibition of wine in 2013 in London, Staritsky &Levitsky Reserve Vodka presented its product to the original booth. That first attracted the attention of visitors, it was a striking wooden panels with hand-carved.

Exhibition stand for Ukrainian brand was designed by Belgian design company Creneau International (Krenn International). Bart Canini, managing director Creneau International, said: "The stand was the perfect visualization of the heritage of the brand: creative, premium, genuine, exciting and unique." This stand primarily functioned as a welcome site, which is not only pleasant to taste the vodka, but also to enter into the contract.

Today, the creators of the brand Staritsky &Levitsky Reserve Vodka ready to meet international judges over a glass of vodka and share with them the art of Ukrainian consumption.

*** Synopsis: Premium brand Staritsky &Levitsky Reserve Vodka was launched into the market in 2010. by Premium Spirits Brands. This is the first Ukrainian ultra-premium brand, revived traditional technologies and cultural heritage. Vodka Staritsy &Levitsky Reserve Vodka is produced by limited batches in clean regions of Ukraine — Carpathian region, using only the finest ingredients. Each new batch tasted by an experienced sommelier. Exported in 8 countries in Europe and the CIS.

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