The first university textbook on Lake Baikal in Irkutsk released

Irkutsk scientists released the first ever comprehensive study of Lake Baikal two-volume, that combines different knowledge about the lake, according to the Irkutsk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Baikal study began in the 18th century, but is believed to be the most significant contribution to the study of the lake made by Soviet scientists — from the 30 years of the last century. Textbook "Baykalovedenie" summarizes the knowledge of many of the greatest explorers of the lake of the world. It is a collaborative effort of scientists from Irkutsk State University (ISU) and the Irkutsk Institutes of SB RAS. In creating the book for four years, involved more than 200 scientists — biologists, geographers, geologists, limnology, physiologists.

"From the book, you can learn about the physical and geographical features of the Lake Baikal region and, of natural complexes, geological and geodynamic structure, paleoclimatology and paleolimnology, biology of the lake, the origin and evolution of the flora and fauna, archaeological finds, natural hazards in the region," — said in a statement.

The book is considered, on the one hand, as a monograph, which sets out the latest scientific information, and on the other — is adapted to the educational process and has the status of a textbook, said the rector of the ISU Alexander Arguchintsev.

It is assumed that "Baykalovedenie" will be applied to teaching students, graduate students, undergraduates in the Biology and Soil, geological, geographical and even physics and mathematics faculty of ISU.

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