The first wave of floods. Video


10.04.12.V Russian regions poured the first wave of spring flooding. Floods have affected Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Tula region. Emergency declared in mode 4 regions of Samara.

In Tatarstan, the night had to evacuate residents of the two villages. Difficult situation now and in Orenburg. According to the regional Interior Ministry, in a zone of flooding about 10 districts. Meltwater flooded bridges and roads. Some towns were cut off altogether from the world. The city Abdulino — hundreds of people have been forced from their homes. For them a makeshift settlements with hot meals. In the Chelyabinsk region thawed river running through the city Kartal. In the streets not to pass, not drive. Closed schools, shops. Things are not better in the Saratov region. The water rose in the local rivers and Ters Elan and flooded 14 Th bridges and three dams. Emergency in the village Samoylovka. Rescuers carry residents to safety.

In abandoned houses round the clock police squads — to prevent looting.

Source: Channel 5 St. Petersburg

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