The fish died, swallowing poisoned insects


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20.06.11.V Rivne region have found the cause of mass mora.200 kg of dead fish — the result of saving the fields from harmful insects.

Insects, exterminate rape fields were treated with insecticides from aircraft. "However, the day was a strong wind — insects took to the air and drifted pond. They ate the young fish swimming in the shallows. Therefore died, poisoned drug ", — explained the head of the State Environmental Inspectorate of Alexander Chabanyuk.

Fish began to die in Hrinnitskom reservoir in Rivne region, June 9, according to CSO. In posledngie days longer nayulyudaetsya pestilence. All of the poisoned fish and recyclable, and claim in the Office of Veterinary Medicine.

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What is there to be surprised, fermented grapes are not ripe for the fireworks is not the time, volcanoes nearby, too, like not, the only fish kills attributed to the lack of oxygen in the water, now the poisoning of insects. In general, waiting for further developments. The farther into the woods, the thicker the guerrillas.



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