The floods in Brazil has killed more than 200 people

The floods in Brazil has killed more than 200 peopleSeveral hundred people have been killed in floods and landslides in southeast Brazil. According to the Brazilian television channel GloboNews, now aware of the 237 victims.
AFP said that 139 deaths were recorded in the mountainous Serrana region. In particular, the 114-minute dead authorities said Teresopolis, north of Rio de Janeiro.

The mayor of Teresopolis, home to 180,000 people, said that about a thousand residents were left without their homes. In addition, destroyed dozens of bridges and roads.

Several dozen people, including rescue workers, were killed in other locations. Some of them were left without electricity and phone service.

Currently, rescuers continue to evacuate people from flooded areas. In the rescue operation involved more than 800 people, as well as helicopters.

Cause flooding and landslides have become a strong tropical rains.

As is known, the heavy rains and floods are now also suffers and Australia. Recall, flooding caused by heavy rains have started in the north-eastern part of Australia in late 2010.

More than two dozen cities were flooded or isolated from the outside world. Flood affected more than 200,000 people. Damage is estimated at billions of dollars. But forecasters did not predict improvement in the next two weeks.

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