The German outfit coming «Gladius»

German Federal Agency «BWB» on defense technologies made preparatory order Company «Rheinmetall» party equipment at the ready the next generation «Gladius» of 90 infantry divisions and units — 900 sets. These units will participate in the 2013-2014 year in peacekeeping operations, particularly in Afghanistan. About this order, it became clear from the press release «Rheinmetall». According to the developers, «Gladius» surpasses all made today such equipment, namely «Infanterist der Zukunft», also made by the German company. Contract price has not been announced as the price of the 1st set, but judging by the fact that «BWB» made order, price for 1 set of equipment is quite reasonable.

German equipment of the future «Gladius»

Development of equipment begins in 2009, according to the acquired order to create a series of preparatory demonstrators. He added the class outfit «Future Soldier», in what is already being developed since 2005 equipment «IDZ». It was created as a temporary solution, as the filling of vacant niches of modern operational requirements.

Budding equipment is one of the important steps of the process to ensure the modern Bundeswehr, which extends the operational capacity of such infantry units as interoperability, management and increases the combat effectiveness of the 1st unit taken. The designers claim that the original feature of the «Gladius» will become an integral implementation and design of equipment. In the development of new sets of designers took into account the shortcomings of the use of similar ekipirovok in combat.

The main purpose of «Gladius» — providing infantry unit in the number of 10 people, bringing it up and used the car in a single network operating cycle. The network includes functions such as intelligence, command, control arms, the exchange of data and information for situational awareness, planning and conduct of operations. Each infantryman will be provided with all relevant information on the tactical situation, the balance of friendly forces and the state of the system of personal gear. The system comes downstream equipment:
— navigation system GPS;
— inertial navigation system;
— magnetic compass.

Developers say the best ergonomics of the system, the properties are very reduced weight, miniaturization of the equipment, improved integration of components. All equipment components provide protection against detection at night in infrared light from nepogoditsy in different weather zones and biochemical defenses. Equipment equipment and fire-retardant performance provides the highest level of protection. All equipment is integrated into the system of "electronic backbone". There is the communication equipment, the main computer, battery and GPS-module. Marines Bundeswehr provided «Gladius», will take leading positions in the world of network capabilities, command, control and efficiency units taken separately.

At this time, developments in the world of next-generation equipment such as «Future Soldier» engaged in about 20 countries, namely:
— France — develops «FELIN»;
— England — develops «FIST»;
— Spain — develops «COMFUT».
Russian Government in this regard is not far behind and is developing the next generation of equipment under the title "BES".

German equipment of the future «Gladius»

Commander of the Airborne Forces Lieutenant General V.SHAMANOV first noted in 2012 that "BES" will be ready by around 2013-2014.

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