The German sniper rifle DSR-1

Sniper rifle is intended for police and special units for the introduction of a counter-terrorist operations.

The history of the creation of the sniper rifle «DSR-1"

At the end of the last millennium, the company «DSR-Precision GmbH» developed from scratch and launched a sniper rifle for counter-terrorist actions. About 5 years rifle sold in the European market under the title «AMP Technical Services DSR-1." Due to the fact that the rifle was not meant for military units, focused on achieving the highest precision for small compact size. A properties such as reliability and sturdiness relegated to the second plan, because of the use of rifles in combat operations of single police force.

Sniper rifle «Defensive Sniper Rifle 1" specially designed chambered "Magnum" .338, but it was possible to rework the rifle to fire bullets .300 and .308 rifle performance. The gun made by assembling "Bullpup" when the locking system and the shop located behind the control knob.

Barrel of the rifle has a free seating, and is made with dales longitudinal position, equipped with dual-chamber muzzle brake production. To increase the range and accuracy over long distances muzzle brake disengaged and are shooting without it.

Locking tab and a special cut-out record trunk with breech and receiver, and is secured by several screws to the receiver.

Also, the trunk is protected from overheating in the form of a tubular casing with small uniform holes.

German sniper rifle DSR-1

German sniper rifle DSR-1

Using a rolling shutter with six projections, and turning it to the entrance of the protrusions into the slots located on the breech, execute strong closing of the barrel. The shutter has a shortened implementation, and completed a shortened handle. This type of clutch barrel and bolt has permitted developers to perform a lightweight receiver box. It is made of aluminum alloy and is equipped with top of the bar to attach occurs sighting device. The sight of the rifle picked up a series of "12h56", it is possible to install an everyday sight night «NSV-80", to use the rifle in night operations.

In the end of the receiver is attached application node. The stock is adjustable in length to 50 mm. A stop shoulder for the vertical damper is adjusted to 50 mm. Lining under the head is adjustable in height up to 20 mm.

Butt has a groove that makes a comfortable grip for the left hand — specifically designed for the addition of fire with the stop and why rifle actually is.

Complements fixing to drive the special back support located inside the butt, height 17cm support.

Pressing the release Hook comes with a warning, and the results of tests and use for smooth clicking, where is aiming at a given point and is not reset. It securely bearing supports the trigger.

Of the safety of a lever located above the trigger, the middle position — to lock the trigger in which can be loading rifle back position — full lock as the trigger and release. Frontal position — Unlock the rifle to fire.

German sniper rifle DSR-1

At the bar for mounting an optical sight, aligning with sliding bipod legs. The legs are adjustable execution. In non-combat position rifle bipod folded parallel to the bar.

To perform shooting with either hand drawing on a supporting prop, the trunk can be attached foregrip and 3 have fixed positions.
Deep shop accommodates four rifle cartridges .338 caliber or 5 rounds of .308 and .300. Store locked latch side location.

To facilitate the substitution of the store, he has a larger cover, which can also be applied to the support arm.
Spare shop attached little ahead of the trigger mechanism, which ensures instant substitution, well, shop suffers less from external influences.

Rifle «DSR-1" when shooting at 100 meters shows very good results — and the deviation does not exceed half a centimeter, the diameter of dispersion in this range is 1.5 centimeters.

German sniper rifle DSR-1

Modifications sniper rifle

DSR-1 «Subsonic» — changed with the introduction of rifle cartridges caliber 7.62 mm, which has a high-speed subsonic response.
The rifle is equipped with a 44 cm shorter barrel, silencer attached to the implementation of the integrated receiver.
DSR-1 «Tactical» — modified rifle tactical purpose, different extra-long rails, and having the ability to install additional devices.
DSR 50 rifle modified under mnogokaliberny cartridge caliber 12.7-mm differs from «DSR-1" hydraulic damper in the butt of a rifle, and a removable nadulnym device, but so far muffling devices structurally falls short.

The main features:
Cartridge "8.58h69» Lapua Magnum;
— Weight of rifle without ammunition and sights of 6 kg;
— length 110 cm;
— 8 rounds ammunition, in the main and secondary store for 4 rounds;
— barrel length 75 cm;
— range of impact damage to 1,500 meters.

Additional Information:
Sniper Rifle DSR-1 was armed with:
— German anti-terror group «GSG-9";
— German special forces units «KSK»;
— U.S. special forces police «SRT»;
— special forces of Spain and Luxembourg.

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