The Germans are building a new Reich

The Germans are building a new ReichGermany has long been referred to as the main link of the European Union. The future of the whole of Europe directly depends on the Germans, as has often happened in the history. While the world is credited blockbuster "Germany: self-destruction" and waits for the German collapse, promised in a book — in parallel sound very different forecasts. His vision of the current and tomorrow's Germany with the "AN" shared historian, sociologist, political scientist Andrew FURSOV — Director of Russian research Metropolitan Institute for the Humanities, academician of International Academy (Innsbruck, Austria).


— What is now the place of Germany in Europe and the world?

— Germany — Europe's favorite. Its GDP in 2011 was nearly 3.6 trillion dollars. The Western press is constantly publishes articles that it is time to reign in Germany. In the British "Daily Mail" in the previous year there was an article which explicitly states: Germany will not rest on its laurels and will continue to strengthen its dominant position — rising Fourth Reich. However, the creator of several articles in the wrong terminology. Fourth Reich Bormann was created, Muller and Kammler in 1943-1945, respectively, and, apparently, there is so far: a network structure, which is also referred to as "Nazi International" (incidentally, one of the sources of the EU associated with the Fourth Reich, and the first model of the European Union was Hitler). So at the moment rather read about the ability of occurrence is the fifth Reich. The beginning of this process can be roughly considered as 3 October 2010, when came a symbolic event: the cyclopean Germany finished paying reparations after World War II (these reparations total tyscham equivalent to 100 tons of gold).

Another significant event happened April 4, 2012: was taken by Gunter Grass poem "What needs to be said." In the poem, sharply criticized Israel, he is put on a par with Iran. But this is not the most fundamental, and places at the same time of publication. Their four outright, "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" (Germany), "La Repubblica" (Italy), "El Pais" (Spain) and the "New York Times" (USA). Clearly, the solution of simultaneous publication of the poem with such ideological and political orientation in the West may be taken at the level of supranational structures global coordination and management. The main thing in the poem — not a criticism of Israel on the Middle East, and the fact that for the first time since 1945, the Germans had a right to criticize the Jews and the Jewish government — is crumbling dominant "everlasting guilt of Germans to the Jews." And Israel and indirectly indicate his place in a new Middle East scenario. Indicative figure creator — Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1944, the 45th served in the "Waffen SS" — is also a sign and a message.

Another symbolic event: specifically, German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave the first salvo on multiculturalism, which, by the way, is an integral element of the neo-liberal counter-revolution launched by the Anglo-Saxons at the turn of 1970-1980's. For her it began to repeat others: England and Premier Cameron and French President Sarkozy. And Cameron did it in Germany, in Munich, where Hitler began his march to power. Germany now sets the tone in a very fundamental questions.

— What's going on in the German secret service in the army?

— Special forces of Germany reformed so that the best way to resist network structures. State bureaucracy hard to beat with such a "statement of reality," as networkers, and the Germans have provided experience on which to lean — the experience of the Gestapo. By the mid-1930s, this relatively small, but very effective structure almost completely defeated the communists and focused on Freemasonry, which is the priemuschestvenno network structure. Production have not gone away.

But the reform of the army, as it was planned, the Germans still did not work — it disrupted, forcing the first in 2011 to resign Defense Minister Theodor zu Guttenberg, accusing him of plagiarism. Zu Guttenberg was going to reform the first team, management structure, and it obviously did not raise his supporters in the Bundeswehr. But I am convinced that serious opponents were with him outside of Germany. If reform of the army took place, it would become one of the more powerful and modern armies. Need a NATO?

— Who is not so much interested in the rise of Germany?

— First, England and historically tied it closed supra-national structure. The Germans were driven into a corner Albion on tightening regulation economical. London wants to preserve the independence of the Holy City itself, head offshore of the modern world. Cash alliance in Europe on the German lead to reconfiguration of the standard European Union, to make it to the United States of Europe under the German.

EU Hitler
— You mentioned the Nazi International, made at the end of the war …

— Bormann and Mueller with the SS and Deutsche Bank made 750 companies: 233 — in Sweden, 214 — in Switzerland, 112 — in Spain, 98 — in Argentina, 58 -, and 35 in Portugal — in Turkey. Nazis also invested heavily in drug trafficking in Latin America (especially at the same time they destroyed the "subhumans"). By the way, at the origins of the Medellin cartel was known Klaus Barbie, who was hiding in Bolivia and was issued by the French authorities in 1983.

Nazis and taken care of post-war German state apparatus. Since the end of 1943, they cranked up quite a fantastic operation. 8-9 thousand chosen truly loyal to the Reich mid-level officials, virtually unknown outside the cities and towns where they served. Altered their dossier, saying that a suspicious man, disloyal Reich. From time to time they made out a fictitious six-month stints, and sometimes even imprisoned for a month or two. These documents expelled person to another city, where he calmly waited for the Allies. Coming, the Allies assigned specifically to the local administration of these people. So Makar, a significant part of the administrative apparatus of the post-war Federal Republic of Germany (and to a lesser extent the German Democratic Republic) — former Nazis boolshaya of whom remained loyal to the Reich and Führer.

The European Union as a project grows out of Hitler's European Union. As structure fully in line with the German economic and political interests. With the help of the European Union Germans peacefully have gained what we do not have gained the military. For example, in the euro zone has its own central bank but no common treasury and a common fiscal policy. The result: the growth of the differences in the economic development of various countries and the strengthening of strong, first in Germany. Two-thirds of Germany's economic growth in the last decade are associated with the introduction of the euro. Now you can turn away from the euro (by the way, that 51% of Germans want).

— The Germans were given loans to other countries, that they received the same German products. Now, when Germany had to be rescued this country out of debt, the EU Germans do not need?

— Specifically the case. The European Union in its previous form Germany is not needed, it soon needed the United States of Europe with a Carolingian (ie German) kernel. By the way, the European Union has prepared for the predominance of the Germans not only economic, but political and administrative framework. We ha
ve about it is not enough who writes (one of the exceptions — ON Chetverikova).

Since the 1970s, under intensive process of regionalization in Europe — a project first proposed by German politicians. Purpose — select areas in the states of the principle of ethno-linguistically and transformation of municipal boundaries in the administration.

In the middle of the 1980s there were two regional associations — Assembly of European Regions and the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, in both tone is set by the Germans, in the Association, whose documents formed the basis of the EU Constitution, are 250 regions. Regionalization of Europe itself was under German patterns: aggressive option — in Yugoslavia, and Myagenko — is Belgium, where the Flemish and the Walloons coexist. As a result, virtually all European countries are broken up into ethnic pieces, and ethnically homogenous Germany not only did not split up, but due to the disappearance of the municipal boundaries of "attracts" Austria, parts of Switzerland and Italy in question Moravia and Silesia. That is to say, peaceful Anschluss.

The Germans are building a new Reich

The ghost of Nazism

— You can not assume that the rise of Germany meets certain obschezapadnomu plan and profitable Anglo-Saxon elite?

— Today's world — a world not as many countries as national structures and clans. Somehow, the Anglo-Saxons profitable somehow — no. In addition, there is no data on the abolition of the so-called Chancellor of the act. According to the disk imaging retired Austrian spy Kamossy general, at the end of the 1940s the Americans and the Germans signed some act by which the Washington determined candidacy Chancellor of Germany, also to a large extent the education system, internal and external policies. Information field and the spiritual life of Germany is largely under the control of the South American, the German elite embedded in the Anglo-Saxon world of closed structures.

At the same time, in recent years, the situation has started to change. The rise of Germany, accompanied by a series of moments, many of which we are, and of other peoples of Europe, it is unlikely delight. First, this softening business in Europe and the United States to Hitler. Immediately increasing demonization of Stalin's communism, the Soviet Union. Russian regime are trying to present a more criminal than a Nazi.

In October 2010, the German Historical Museum in Berlin opened the exhibition "Hitler and the Germans" with the subtitle: "Hitler as the embodiment of people's standard of saving the nation." Since 2004, the UN every year is a vote for a document on the inadmissibility of xenophobia. The document stresses separately: unacceptable glorification of Nazism. In 2011, the 17 EU states voted against this document. It turns out that heroes of Nazism — you can.

This year will be released in Germany Quotations of "Mein Kampf." A couple of years and she's "Mein Kampf" will be republished. German publishers claim that the book is not released only because of the situation with the rights of the author. As after the death of Hitler will be 70 years old, his book will be republished.

— In the best-selling book "Germany: self-destruction" by T. Sarrazin renders an entirely different future in Germany.

— And it's true Renders. In the German recovery is a serious contradiction — between the economic and political achievements, on the one hand, and the quality of the human material on the other. Reduced the number of Germans: the middle of the XXI century instead of 82 million is 59, and will account for a large percentage of Turks, Kurds, Arabs.

Another detail — quality. According to surveys, 40% of German guys want to be housewives, 30% consider family "excess liability". With that kind of stuff does not just Reich — generally can not build anything. The drama, or, as Hegel would have said, deceit stories, Nazi International (Fourth Reich) the entire second half of the biomass, which is no fifth Reich is not needed. And the ethnic composition of today's Germany would simply shocked. And the hunt to ask, "Is this for you have struggled, man, Martin?"

And yet, if Europe is destined to go up and out of a giant with feet of clay transform into a real giant, then it can only do the Germans.

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