The Germans got sick to serve in the army after the abolition of conscription (about reforms in the armed forces of Germany)

The reform of the German army, which has lasted for a couple of years, has led to a drop in morale fighter. Such a disastrous conclusion the Commissioner for the Bundeswehr Helmut Kenigskhaus. The Ministry of Defence after the abolition of conscription in 2011, all the forces of the army was trying to reincarnate in a pretty place of work for the average German, but progress is still quite unclear. Since that time, both in the army ended up in the order of mandatory call on all young people, the Germans began to treat military service as a civilian profession — and lament the lack of comfort.

The Germans got sick to serve in the army after the abolition of conscription (about reforms in the armed forces of Germany)
Chancellor Angela Merkel with the men in Lettslingene Photo: Michael Kappeler / AFP

Authorized Bundestag for the Bundeswehr shall submit to Parliament a report on the state of affairs in the army. His first report was based on statements and complaints of military personnel. In addition, he personally visited fighter (occasionally alerting the command of, and sometimes not), and include your memories in the report. Today's report for the year 2012 was the 54th in the history of the institute Commissioners for the Bundeswehr.

Expectations that the reform will make the Bundeswehr more effective, were not justified, says Kenigskhaus in the report for 2012. Over the past year, the military managed to complain about almost all the nuances of life in the barracks — from lifting at 4:30 am and ending with the separation from family. Most of them do not feel that the reorganization of the army has benefited: the inner way of the Bundeswehr was stuck at step of mandatory military conscription with his rudeness, benefits for commanders and hardship for the soldier.

To drive through different parts Kenighaus realized that to plain ordinary tolerance and officers of the still far away. Many simply can not say goodbye to the "old school" and descend to insults, and commanders at best turning a blind eye, and at worst — use the same expressions.

The report describes, for example, the case where the chief sergeant called names staff-sergeant unfortunate for him the nickname "Tick-tock» (Ticktack) because he twitched ever. Another company commander reprimanding a subordinate asked whether they drummed in his own words, "govnomozg» (Scheissdrecksgehirne). Thick and non-sporting men complain that they are teased, "potatoes» (Kartoffeln) and "buns» (Hefekloesse).

Bundeswehr can not yet fully get rid of the special status of the commanders in comparison with ordinary soldiers. Not always subordinates and superiors for their misdeeds expects monotonous repetitive punishment. There are times when commanders forgiven what lower ranks receive the full extent of army regulations. Thus, the chief Lieutenant-Corporal while serving in the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF) has violated the internal rules by drinking a lot more time allowed 0.25 liters of wine. For this it is completely fair to seek after 1.5 thousand euro fine.

With all of this commander, who built his own cabin in the drinking party, along with a senior assistant, the ship's doctor and five other sailors, otvertelsya usual remark. On German ships, the rule: the military is allowed to drink per day only two bottles of 0.33 liters of beer. The commander and his senior assistant have the ability to set different standards for alcohol, but only in writing. In this case, commander No written permission is not given. Resentful that they were not invited to the booze, sailors complained about the authorities, but in spite of a formal breach of the rules, no punishment followed.

Escaped liability and other commander, retired with the rank of general. It received a complaint in a disciplinary military prosecutor for the fact that he used his own subordinates to organize dinners at home. The damage he has done so makarom army, was valued at a thousand euros. Unlike other similar cases, the prosecution hushed the incident.

Take it easy with the recruits

Authorized Kenigskhaus in its own report scolded the Bundeswehr command also for the very highest demands on recruits. At this point prior to entering the military service who wish to go through a sort of a trial period that lasts six months. During this period of time a person must determine, fits him in the Army or better to remain in civilian life. So here, according to the report, the task of the military will now be reduced to one: the main thing — not to startle.

Meanwhile, the new recruits have a claim and to check everyday appearance, including the fact whether they are perfectly shaved and shorn whether nails. 1st of recruits offended question platoon commander had given him after a failed shooting: "Do you want me to * Bat? '. In another case, the future of the fighter has not attracted superior orders him to appear before a visit to the doctor and describe the symptoms to decide is generally to seek medical help.

May deter not only quibbles commanders, and the extra exercise. Namely, one lieutenant forbade experience the fighters extreme exercise. He forced them to lie on the floor in a row belly up, and then each in turn ran down his comrades — the officer wished that such makarom fighters pumped up muscles of the press, and similar exercises were practiced before the time, until someone in the end it is not lamented.

After such an army experience every third recruit throws service during the period of probation. The number of such failures grows from year to year.

All hope for Skype

Military personnel are not satisfied as they are forced to participate in a very long military operations abroad. The Ministry of Defence of the Council that the rotation shall be held every four months, but in most cases, the men spend abroad for six months. According to the views of the authorized Kenighaus, 6 months — a very long time for separation from family and loved ones.

In repeated trips abroad soldiers sent no later than nine months after the return, which leads to their workload and unnecessary strain on forces. With all of this on the rules of the break should be more than 20 months. In order to somehow make life easier for a fighter, management sets the Bundeswehr military bases on zabugornyh single cabins media web browsing or telephone, from where you can make calls to Germany.

Unhappy with the rare tryst with his family not only those who are sent abroad, and those who serve at home. They wish to see his family not only on weekends. Some soldiers say that because of the persistent absence of the 1st of the parents have their kids develop mental disorders. Thus, the 1st kid bowed panic attacks, when his father left home to the office, and the other began to cry as his father out of the house. To somehow increment time of fellowship with family, Kenigskhaus calls set for all locations access to Skype. While the possibility is not far away everywhere.

The Ministry of Defence as a whole is very concerned about the way the military will cooperate to work with personal life. The report emphasizes that the family well-being is reflected not only on the attractiveness of military service, and the combat readiness of the army. Over t
he past year, the Bundeswehr has become a lot more complaints that the right to found a family is unrealistic and do service. The best part is not ready to move constantly from 1st place to the other and give the baby any time in the modern school. This topic has been previously was rising due to the reform, but, as stated in the last report Kenigskhausa refreshed Bundeswehr only consolidated the status of "nomadic army", depriving the military the ability to plan their future.

The Germans got sick to serve in the army after the abolition of conscription (about reforms in the armed forces of Germany)
German soldiers at a military base in Mazar-e-Sharif (Afghanistan) Photo: Michael Kappeler / AFP

The report also condemns the indifference of command subordinate to family dilemmas. Kenigskhaus gives a few more outrageous cases. For example, a request to transfer his fighter's closer to home so he can take care of a disabled grandmother, considered "ridiculous." More egregious authorized counted the fact that the authorities accused the military personnel in the deterioration of the characteristics of the service due to the fact that she gave birth to a baby.
The ladies in the Bundeswehr, according to the report, have particularly hard. In general, they are not there yet, and in particular seek. By the end of 2012 in the German army were about 14.5 thousand ladies, that is the least 10 percent of all military personnel. Besides the fact that the ladies seriously cooperating with the birth of babies military obligations and way of life, they are also insulting and sexist remarks made by colleagues. For example, one of the officers loved to repeat the slave women soldiers: "Too many boobs per square meter — a solid jitters."

In addition, the weak floor resents the fact that the army authorities to this day is not going to meet on odezhki and appearance. Ladies want to get a more feminine form of social outlets, but so far have gained nothing. According to the views of the authorized, authorities here also miss the opportunity to advertise free Bundeswehr: Beautiful looking publicly soldiers lured to the attention of young people.
In summary, Helmut Kenigskhaus explained that it is not asking for fighter hotel criterion, but the Bundeswehr, staged in a new position for him, be obliged to make concessions. In general commissioner praised the Department of Defense for reform. But for that to long-standing military customs and traditions have remained in the past, is made is not enough. While the military service in the eyes of the Germans obviously loses appeal, prospects and comfort civilian occupations.

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