The Germans ran into him as the Brest Fortress

Lofty Russian war claimed millions of lives. Every inhabitant of our country has experienced fear of the fascist attack. Millions of Russian people fought to the death against the fascist invaders and died for their country, for the future generations, for peace on earth. July 17, 2012 turns 71 year an amazing feat Nicholas Sirotinina. In Belarus, a feat it is known fact to everyone. The story is very similar to the fiction, very much in her mind-blowing, really do not have enough witnesses. Details heroic deed Sirotinina became known only in 1960, after the publicity of data of the Central Archives of the Red Army. Diary of German lieutenant Henfelda Frederick, who fell at Stalingrad, and the stories of local residents have shed light on the conduct of the Russian fighter. Even now, we understand very little about him.

The Germans ran into him as the Brest Fortress

Nikolai Vladimirovich Sirotinin born in '21 of the last century in the town of Falcon. He had two sisters — Taisa and Nina, also the brother of Benjamin. Even before the war, Russian majestically to help bolster their own family Nicholas went to work at a local factory "Tekmash." In 1940, he was drafted into the Red Army. In the very first days of the war he was hit by an airstrike part, and Nicholas was wounded, but soon managed to get back on the front.

The subsequent page of his biography begins with the inhabitants of the village of Falconer, which to this day stands on the banks of the river Dobrost in Belarus. Sirotinin served as a gunner in the 55th Infantry Regiment, located near the town of screams. Many farmers remember the moderate and affable, slender young man who often helped on the farm, was a guest, supported the elderly. In place of the regiment did not stay long. In those days the Germans were advancing uncontrollably from all sides, the scattered pieces of the Red Army, just recovering from the very first big loss, retreated to Moscow. Crushing everything in its path, the city Krichev approaching German tanks. July 17 2nd Infantry Division, which came 55th Infantry Regiment, received orders to retreat. To withdraw without losses, it was necessary to arrange cover. Among the many volunteers had volunteered and Nicholas Sirotinin. With him also was the commander of its calculation. Their mission was to delay the advance of German troops on a bridge over the river Dobrost and later withdraw and join their units. Perhaps they understood how likely is not enough to stay alive.

The main factor that played a significant role in subsequent events, it was competent placement tool Nicholas on the hill in the peasant fields. Highway, the river and the bridge were at it as a palm, but the gun disguised in thick rye. When German tanks and armored personnel carriers, along with the armed infantry entered the bridge, Sirotinin blew the lead car. Reloaded the gun, he knocked out the armored car, bringing up the rear. The commander of the bridge amended the shooting Sirotinina, from across the river on congestion German tanks opened fire of our artillery. When the commander was wounded, he was able to retreat, leaving the battlefield. Their task was to Nicholas made, promotion armored column halted. But Sirotinin judged differently. From the diary of Frederick Henfelda that two tanks that were trying to remove the first tank from the bridge, were hit. Another armored vehicle tried to overcome ford the river, but got stuck in a swampy mud near the shore. All this time, Nicholas continued to shoot and shoot. The Germans also responded, but could not pinpoint the position of the gun. In addition, it was not clear the actual number of enemy troops opposing them.

When the bridge is all the same has been overcome by the Nazis, gun Sirotinina made up of fifty shots. After that, the tide of battle was a foregone conclusion. Nicholas shoot approaching enemy soldier with a rifle, and fell on the death of the brave own position. 11 tanks and seven armored vehicles, and several 10-s Tank man has lost the connection to the enemy that day on the bridge as a result of coordinated work with the soldiers Sirotinina own division. Local residents recall that the Germans amazed courage and valor of the Russian fighters, and buried him with full honors. From the diary of all of the same Frederick Henfelda, "July 17, 1941. Falconer, near Krychau. In the evening buried unknown Russian fighter. He was alone at the gun, shot the long column of tanks and infantry, and died. All were amazed at his courage … Oberst (Colonel) in front of the tomb was that if all the men were fighting Hitler, as this Russian, that would capture the whole world. Triple-fired volleys of rifles. All the same it is Russian, if such an homage. " The Germans asked the farmers to tell them about this fighter. But no they did not answer.

Today in the village of Falconer no graves in what the Germans buried Nicholas. A couple of years after the war his remains were buried in a mass grave, the field was plowed, and handed the gun to scrap. In 1960, near the road in that village have set modest monument to the hero. On it are written the words: "Here at dawn July 17, 1941 entered into combat with a column of enemy tanks, and a two-hour battle repulsed all the attacks of the enemy artillery sergeant Nicholas Sirotinin Putin, who gave their lives for the freedom and independence of our country. "

In 1961, local historians have found his grave. Nicholas wanted to present posthumously to the rank of Hero of the Russian Union but not found the neither his image, neither quite reliable data about the feat. He was awarded the Order of the Russian war, only the first degree, which is in the museum of the town of Minsk. In the town Kryčaŭ naming Sirotinina dubbed the street. In the town of Falcon in high school number 17, there is a Museum of Military Glory, which contains the whole stack of letters, proclamations, photos, maps and newspaper articles about this exploit. Nicholas Sirotinina history to the present day worries many people. Writers, inspired, write stories about him. The forums do not calm down a heated debate about whether it's fiction or real event. Film company "Homeland" made a documentary film about this valiant man, very soon, and feature films. In the house where I grew up Nikolai, as before, his relatives live.

Such stories are needed not only in the military, and in times of peace. They raised the morale of Russian soldiers, demoralized the enemy. After the war, the exploits of the fallen heroes have become an example for posterity confessions. Sirotinin unknown how many of these were in the barriers, fighting face to face with the dreaded Nazi death machine. They died, but gave his friends an opportunity to survive, to get out of the fire, to gain a foothold in a subsequent turn. Nicholas Sirotinin substantiate his own example, that our spirit is invincible, the fight is likely, and our country simply must exist. Both we and our descendants will have to keep in mind about that!

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