The ground shakes under Konev


* 8/15/11 * "Lord" — and only managed to say a pensioner Maria Ivanovna, before reflexively dropped to the ground, covering his head with his hands.

Terrible roar, from which, it seemed, and the earth heaving, completely stunned Nizhegorodka, came to visit the garden to his girlfriend. "Again, these military itching again, their guns loaded," — noted is located next to the bank of the Volga pensioner Alevtina Andreev. — Can you imagine living here for two years, but my heart is so far from the explosions stops. "

'Tra-ta-ta!"- Scribbling gunner …

The roar from which deafened quite noticeable tremors series razdayuschihsyagde-tonepodaleku missile volleys — beginners, first came to the village Konevo Balakhna district, from the king-zdesshuma gamastanovitsya uncomfortable. Yes, and experienced indigenous konevtsy still can not get used to the forced proximity to the current military range Mulino.

— Yes, I have personally month ago in the house burst glass! — In the hearts exclaims Deputy Balakhna district Oleg Garanin. — Takya tozhivu-center, in Balakhna imagine the shock forces there, Konev, just six miles from the landfill!

According konevtsev, going here deystvitelnochto-tonevoobrazimoe. Confirmation of the stories people are telling and official acts survey their homes damaged by munitions disposal at the landfill. "Ruined brick chimney", "flew window frames", "broken glass", "cracked ceiling and glass flew laborantskom office" (note that the latter is related to the local medical clinic, which treated the villagers) — here are some excerpts from compiled acts.

Property damage from the damage in the hundreds of thousands of rubles, but with compensation to tenants no hurry. And what kind of compensation can be discussed if the military itself, according balahnintsev, did not plead guilty.

To "no" and the military court has no

— In which instance we just have not been accessed since the district prosecutor's office and ending with President Dmitry Medvedev — told the "HH" Balakhna district administration head Nikolai Shilnov. — Several times a Konevo specialists come from Sarov, which is installed on homes Special sensors measure vibration, shock effect, noise standards that d.Prevyshenie officially confirmed and recorded, but no tangible results to no avail.

For example, the commission Mulinskogo garrison military prosecutor in the course of visiting calibration determined that the destruction of ammunition at the sites located in the townships and Smolino Moulineaux, is only minor violations of fire safety rules in this connection to the Chief of Staff of the Moscow military district made appropriate representation.

Balahnintsy last hope pinned on the Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, but it did not materialize. On appeal, sent to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Deputy Serdyukov Dmitry Bulgakov said briefly and clearly: "Work for the destruction of ammunition at the sites are organized and conducted in accordance with the requirements of the governing documents. Thus the total weight of explosives, along with demolition charges also compliant. "

In other words, the blast, noise and vibrations zemlikakih-tosereznyh concerns residents may bring a priori. With the issue of compensation is "allegedly caused by blasting damage" anyone can go to court than in the near future, according to Nicholas Shilnova and intend to do the inhabitants Konev.

Author: Marina Andronov

Source: Nizhny Novgorod news

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