The heavy-duty solar flare damaged communications in China

In the central part of the picture — the main "character", a solar flare, which occurred on February 15. (Photo by SDO / NASA.)

The strongest in the last four years, a surge in solar activity, recorded on the night of Monday to Tuesday, has caused disruption to radio communications in southern China, the Xinhua news agency reported with reference to the China Meteorological Administration (CMA).

CMA experts believe that the second wave may occur within three days.

Coronal mass ejection heading into the Earth at a speed of about 900 km / s, flows out of the central part of the world from there, where the neutral magnetic field line separating the regions north and south polarity.

Splash belonged to the most powerful class of X (there are classes A, B, C and M, each weaker than the last 10 times) its flux density of about 10-4 W / m². Following him in the last two days there have been several less aggressive outbursts classes M and S.

But the peak flux density of 2.2 × 10-4 W / m, and it is the highest reading since December 2006. The flash was about 10 times weaker than the absolute record, recorded in November 2003, but due to its auroras in the Earth's atmosphere were visible far to the south of the North Pole. According to NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), they can reach up to 40? with. sh. (Confirm, if you watched it.)

Thus, the true predictions of scientists made at the end of last year that the solar activity will increase in 2011, and may reach a peak in mid-2013. Violent outbursts are a serious threat to the satellite telecommunications systems and global positioning, and on the surface it is a direct threat to power lines and data networks. So, in 1973, in the Canadian province of Quebec as a result of solar magnetic rampage remained without electricity six million.

In short, everything is more than serious. Death and destruction, scientists do not expect, but urge the appropriate services to be vigilant.

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