The invasion of alien

Revolution in Russia made a "turnover" in the upper echelons of government and society, such as the Minister of Finance empire P. Burke, a favorite Octo Guchkov, a favorite of the Constitutional Democratic Miliukov, with the full support of the monetary and organizational Anlo-American intelligence agencies, diplomats Paris London and Washington, currency aces major capitals of the planet.

The invasion of alien

The Bolsheviks were just only one of the groups that opposed the Russian Empire, but due to natural development of the revolutionary process, and they were not ignored, "Financial International." The Bolsheviks before the Revolution were not united squad, there were various groups who had their eyes on developments. Thus, Lenin seriously considered an agent of "world imperialism", he was a revolutionary ideology, wholeheartedly believes that the construction of socialism is the way out for the world's population, and this can be brought to any of the victims. You can use the facilities of Berlin, States play their contradictions, because the end justifies the means. Then the situation could turn against the sponsors of the capitalist revolution, the revolution will begin in Europe, in the United States.

There were other "Bolsheviks" — first introduced in the party "werewolves", which from the beginning practiced invested in their funds, want of power, of "trophies" in the defeated empire. One of them was Sverdlov, as head of the Secretariat of the Central Committee and chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee — the All — he could establish a personnel policy, placing the right people in the middle management, it was determined through the implementation of party and government decisions. Trotsky led the foreign policy of the Revolutionary Military Council of the RSFSR and the USSR, military and naval affairs, becoming almost a second person in the country, received important departments under his control. Money countries controlled VR Menzhinsky and GY Sokolniki (Brilliant). This is only a "figure", which are well known, and 10s, hundreds of pieces, pawns on the other posts.

The invasion of alien

Yakov Sverdlov, aka J-Solomon Movshevich or Yankel Sverdlov Sverdlov Miraimovich

Trotsky was first published documents hidden Foreign empire, this move perfectly executed "plan House" on the destruction of an old system of international diplomacy and the introduction of the newest — the "open and democratic." Trotsky struck a powerful blow to an old system of international diplomacy. In Russia began to publish papers on November 23, already the 25th they started typing "New York Times", has risen international scandal, it is connected to U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson said that the old diplomacy has become obsolete, it should be condemned and buried, and instead offered his "Fourteen Points" "new world order".

Followed by a blow Trotsky was the idea "no peace, no war" during talks with Germany about the world. It also fits into the plans of the "world behind the scenes" — Russia expelled from the favorites, the UK and France was to be hoped for U.S. aid, as a result of negotiations led to the position of Trotsky German offensive of separation from RF, Belarus, Ukraine, Crimea, the Caucasus, the Baltic countries and Finland. Started to execute plans for the dismemberment of Russia. And under the guise of protection from Germany need to "play on the contradictions" of the imperialist powers. There was an open road the occupants of the Entente. For example, March 21, 1918, Trotsky ordered the Murmansk Council to "take all possible assistance to the Allied missions." In other words, the intervention in Russia began with the assistance of Trotsky.

"After working for" foreign policy direction, Trotsky resigned from the post of People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs and headed to the 14 March 1918 military and naval affairs. Insisted on his mission of "St. Petersburg" members of the Central Committee — GE Zinoviev (chairman of the Petrograd Soviet) and A. Joffe (People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs of the head after Trotskgo, his supporter, Ambassador to Germany, there has concluded, "additional protocol" to Brest agreement on the payment of Russian Berlin 6 milliardov.marok gold). They proved their world 'political value … especially in the UK and France (!) ".

The invasion of alien

Evseevich Gregory Zinoviev (real name — Radomyslsky)

Trotsky was alive took up the matter of formation of the Red Army, with the help of foreign military experts (!) — South American Colonel Robins, French Lavergne and Sadoul, sent from the British B. Lockhart (personally instructed his Lord Milner). Not counting affianced people collaborated with Trotsky British spies — Hill and Cromie came and eminent Sidney Reilly.

The invasion of alien

Joffe Adolph Abramovich.

Command Entente declare that the purpose of the creation of the Red Army — war with Germany. But the basis of the army became "international" part of the Baltic states, Chinese, Hungarians, etc., although it is well known, well at war with an external enemy only part where most of Russia. "International" as the parts were not bad as punitive. In creating a reddish Army poured even 250 thousand German-Austrian prisoners, they made up almost 19% of the first of the army. This army is not done to protect the Russian Federation, and against the Russian people, and against those who dare to speak out against the dismemberment of the Russian Federation, it was army punitive.

Another "alien" — MZ Larin, associate Parvus in the first revolution of 1905 was the Managing Board of Kiev, then becomes a theorist "economist", in World War I go to the U.S.. After the February Revolution in Petrograd declared, making the company the Menshevik-Internationalists, gives it to Trotsky. He tries to be a "shadow", comes into the SEC (the Supreme Council of National Economy), acquires the authority of "economic genius" gets a tremendous impact on Lenin. Specifically, it introduces a "policy of War Communism," which led to the final ruin of the country.

Trotsky played up perfectly and the other shares of the Entente — Czechoslovak Corps, according to the initial agreement with the Russian government, was going through Vladivostok to France. But the April 27, 1918, at the request of the Entente, Trotsky stops him, his trains stretched from the Volga to the cities o
f Eastern Siberia. May 11 in London at the residence of Lloyd George held a meeting, it decided to throw the body in Russia, "as the interventionist troops." Trotsky and gave rise to his rebellion, eventually fights between Hungarians and Czechs in Chelyabinsk 25th issued an order to disarm the body, it was ordered to shoot his men found with a gun in place, train, where would find at least one trunk must have been fully send to a concentration camp. It was a blatant provocation, natural body rebelled, almost Trotsky embers of a fire lit inside the Russian Federation and the war divided the Far East, Siberia, the European of, has permitted the Allies to extend the intervention. Such is mnogohodovki, plus the territories occupied Czechoslovakia, anti-Bolshevik forces were able to take shape.

The invasion of alien

Falconers Gregory, who is also Hirsch Jankelevich Diamond

"International conspiracy" headed for another purpose — to continue the dismemberment of Russia and kindling a flame war, civilian clothes, the Russian began to kill Russian in droves. Allies supported and snow-white, and the Reds, "one hand" helped to create the reddish Army, supported the Russian government financially, "the other hand" funded Kaledina, Denikin and other "white", made the "supreme" Admiral Kolchak.

At that time passed colossal looting RF: Robbing the Turks, Czechs, Chinese, residents of the country of the rising sun, Americans, Hungarians, Germans, Austrians, Finns, Estonians, French, British, small-town "commissioners", running from Russia the bourgeoisie, the nobility, and others. It is clear that such "pie" no one was willing to concede — Germany had their plans, their Allies, in the Land of the Rising Sun had plans of "Greater Japan" which ran counter to the interests of the Entente.

There were strong differences inside the Bolsheviks, Lenin realized that to play on the "controversy" will not work, so I decided that a more terrifying enemy — the Allies, Berlin was satisfied with the captured piece and did not apply for more. Moreover, Lenin realized that Germany would lose the war, because later it will be possible to abandon the obligations in its favor. If an agreement with Britain, France and the U.S., to abandon the duties in their favor will be much more difficult. Because he went undercover on the alliance with Germany — "Brest-2."

Reply Anglo-Saxons followed immediately: July 6, killed by salting the German Empire in Moscow Mirbach (curiously, J. Blyumkin — killer Ambassador — was punished, and became head of the train personally Trotsky) on August 30, followed by a second warning — 3 bullets Lenin received. Maybe it was planned earlier, as part of a holistic plan of liquidation of the Russian Federation: one at a change of favorites, so did not have time to "taste of power" and start their policies, at first Lvov, then Kerensky, Lenin, after the governor had to be Trotsky, but here left puncture …

Blow to the secret service of the Entente struck Dzerzhinsky, binge Western intelligence services in his "fiefdom" he did not like, from June Cheka agents could enter into the English net, perfectly fulfilled and naval counter-intelligence. Immediately after the assassination attempt on Lenin in Moscow and Petrograd Cheka conducted mass arrests in the middle of enemy agents. However, Sverdlov here sends Steel Felix "holiday", he prefers to hide in Switzerland, if Lenin had not ozdorovel, his fate might have turned sad. The case was divided into two parts — the thing about the shots, and it's about komplote Lockhart, Kaplan "smoothed out". Of the huge number of those arrested have not shot any of the 1st (!), Part justified, some have little time and soon were released. Reilly and French resident Vertimon slipped away, they were sentenced to death in absentia. English and French Consul General of Lockhart and Grenard sent home.

Chief of Naval Intelligence Lieutenant Abramovich, who tracked C. Reilly and his agents, charged with "counter-revolutionary conspiracy", condemned and executed. Not linked with the attempt on Lenin was Lockhart, possible links with Western intelligence agencies Trotsky and Sverdlov, although the "strings" and the clues can be identified.

The invasion of alien

VR Menzhinsky in 1917.

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