The lead content in the Gulf of 5-6 times higher than normal

The lead content in the Gulf of 5-6 times the maximum permissible concentration (MPC), said on Thursday the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov.

"The levels going wild — 5-6 MAC," — he said, speaking of the Gulf contaminated with lead.

Frolov noted that these contaminants are industrial in nature, and to improve the situation in the first place, to identify the entity that can pollute the waters. He added that the lead is a matter of the first class of danger and has the property to accumulate in the body even at low concentrations.

Hydromet head also said that at present the content of nutrients, which include, in particular, to the mineral phosphorus in the Gulf following the MPC. "These standards are now, according to our estimates, below the MPC," — he said.

In addition, according to Frolov, positive dynamics reduction of manganese, zinc and cadmium, and copper in the Gulf is at "about Macs."

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