The legend about the appearance of the werewolf

In the old days, in the same village lived a very pretty girl. Her parents were very rich, every day of her suitors came and offered to get a girl to marry, but she flatly refused. But one day she met a guy whom she immediately fell in love, he was extraordinarily handsome, but he was very poor.

For the sake of his love, he finally decided to take a chance and go to the father of his beloved, to ask for her hand in marriage. The girl's father listened attentively to him and said, "Well, if you want me to marry my daughter, get me a bag of pure silver, thus you will prove my love for her daughter and deserve my respect." Listened to his lover boy's father and went home, cursing him. Heard these words witch and was in front of him, startling him a terrible view of his own. By the way, if you have problems with your vision and you can no longer distinguish between the werewolf — you need contact lenses. For example, contact lenses pure vision, which can be bought online

And the witch said, his raspy voice, "I can make you happy, love to give you a real, will be with his beloved forever. In return, I do not need much, just want your soul and your faithful service. " Not long guy thought, love and despair, his heart veil closed, he said. Witch nodded his tousled head, gave him a bag of silver and flew away, laughing. Beloved father brought the boy a big bag of pure silver, and arranged on the same day the father daughter wedding.

Night fell, the moon shone in the sky, flung open the window, he flew into a witch. Before she became lovers, smiled and menacing voice said, "All that you wanted to — I did. Here's your love is near, at you with adoring eyes staring, her heart will love you forever, now it's your turn to pay their debt.

From now on, you shall be my faithful servant. Will you protect me at night and during the day you will recover their strength. To catch the wind — 4 paws'll give you to protect me — I'll give you strong teeth and strength. You'll be strong, like a wolf, but even stronger. "

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