The loss of wild boars in Brittany. Video


26.07.11.Vosemnadtsat boar carcasses were found on Tuesday in one of the beaches of the French Brittany.

Employees of the local prefecture added to this number are 10 wild boar found dead earlier this month — and almost convinced that all the fault of the green algae, releasing toxic vapors.

This is a problem faced by many coastal regions. But Breton environmentalists are sounding the alarm: every year the situation is getting worse, the bill is already in the hundreds of tons of green biomass. Especially dangerous decaying algae in the water.

"In such water often, we often find the presence of cyanobacteria, some of which may be toxic," — says environmentalist Gilles Yue.

Experts believe, due to the deterioration of the situation in the region, the development of agriculture. Nitrogen fertilizers, which are used by farmers, through the soil to get running water and provoke excessive growth of algae.

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Source: Euronews

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