The mass death of birds in Canada. Video


8.01.11.Proizoshel another case of unexplained mass bird deaths. This time the incident took place in Canada, as reported by the local news, "Postmedia News."

Fall to the ground a few dozen pigeons occurred in the vicinity of the town of Saint-Augustin-de-Demoreel (Quebec). It is reported that the number of dead birds has reached 80. Now investigating the incident involved Canadian expert ornithologists. A similar incident on the fly with the dead birds was recorded in the same area in the middle of December. Then at one site was found 25 pigeons.

As the representative of the Ministry of Environment of Quebec Nicolas Bezhi, laboratory studies of tissue samples dead birds did not give definite results. "There was something unusual and we take it seriously, but we believe that there is no cause for alarm," — he added, noting that there is no connection between this incident and the recent incidents of mass bird deaths in the U.S. and Sweden.

New Year's Eve about 4 thousands of blackbirds dropped dead in the vicinity of the small town Biib (Arkansas) in the U.S., and later large groups of dead birds were found in Louisiana and Kentucky.

This week, similar cases of unexplained mass deaths of birds have been recorded in Sweden and Italy, like ITAR-TASS.

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