The moon could become a planet

Russian scientists have hypothesized that the Moon can leave Earth's orbit and become a planet. This was announced at the ongoing Le Bourget air show, the head of the Central Research Institute of Machine Building (TsNIIMASH) Gennady Raikunov.

Raikunov believes that such a precedent in our solar system already exists. In academic circles, there is the theory that Mercury was once a satellite of Venus. But, gradually, the Mercury moved away from Venus and went into a new orbit to become independent planet.

Mercury — the closest planet to the Sun. In addition, Mercury — the smallest terrestrial planet. Its external characteristics Mercury resembles our moon — on the surface has many craters. Also interesting is the fact that Mercury has no its own satellites, like Venus.

It is likely that once Mercury could be a satellite of Venus. American researchers, geologists, Schultz and Gault, suggested that the "flight" satellite was about 500 million ago. Venus, having lost his only companion, was plunged into chaos. There was a dramatic warming of the planet, which led to the drying up of existing oceans. After that, life on Venus has not been able to revive.

What could cause that Mercury kept away from Venus? Researchers believe, Mercury could be knocked out of orbit large asteroid or captured the attraction of the sun. A mystery for researchers is the fact that Venus rotates in the opposite direction almost all the planets in the solar system. It is likely that the rotation of Venus changed after the aforementioned accident.

But back to the Earth. According Raykunova, scientists around the world are now required to actively explore the influence of the Moon on the Earth. "We know that the moon is moving away from the Earth, and some day, most likely, will not happen if the reverse process, it should leave the earth," — says Raikunov.

As you know, the Americans landed on the moon. The last time they did it in 1963. After that, no active operations against the satellite was not conducted. However, in recent years just three space powers have declared their intentions.

Russia plans to send the first tourists to the moon by 2014, and by 2030 to build its base there. The Chinese intend to plant a cosmonaut on the moon in 2017. NASA also does not want to miss the "moon" of leadership and try to get ahead of all its competitors, creating their base until 2015.

Lev Ivanov

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