The moon will depart from Earth after doomsday

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Central Research Institute of Machine Building CEO predicts care of the Moon from the Earth. In this case, the natural satellite will repeat the history of Mercury, which, according to the hypothesis, once a satellite of Venus, but became an independent planet.

"There is a hypothesis that Mercury was once a satellite of Venus, but then broke away and became independent planet. And we know that the moon is also moving away from each year of the Earth, and once, most likely, will not happen if the reverse process, it should leave the Earth "- told" Interfax "CEO Gennady Raikunov Engineering Research Institute.

"Would not that the earth will take the path of Venus, formed when the conditions are not suitable for the existing forms of life — the aggressive atmosphere, a lot of pressure, the greenhouse effect, etc." — asks the scientist.

According Raykunova to follow the scientific community hypothesis, originally Venus, Earth and Mars were developed under the same conditions were similar, but their subsequent development should proceed along different paths. Space research will help to answer humanity will change if the conditions of life on earth if the moon will leave its orbit or not, and how to prevent negative developments.


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