The most dangerous volcano threatens new Pompey

Nyiragongo volcano, called one of the most dangerous in the world. Scientists believe that the fire-breathing monster, in the west of the African continent, in the Republic of Congo, the world can make a new Pompey. When this happens — a matter of time. It should be noted that the world's largest lava lake of the volcano, which is about 8 million cubic meters, is still not well known in the art.

Not far from the volcano is a town called Goma, where a million people live. Scientists believe that the rescuers must at all times be ready to evacuate this town and neighboring villages. Nyiragongo lava that never ceases to boil, can destroy Goma, like Pompey. In recent years, the volcano has erupted several times. Now lava can escape to the surface directly in the place where there is a city, experts believe.

Italian seismologist Dario Tedesco, who has studied Nyiragongo in the last 15 years, the scientific community has paid attention to the problem.

"There is no doubt that the eruption will occur in the near future. Goma is the most dangerous city in the world," — he said. The specialist said that in 2002, Nyiragongo have caused the accident. Then the lava of the volcano destroyed 14 thousand buildings in the city, and 350 thousand people had to flee.

It is not known whether there is a cause Nyiragongo eruption aviakollapsa world, as it did because of the volcano Eyjafjallajokull. Recall, the volcano with the unpronounceable name, located under the Icelandic glacier, almost a month violated aviation traffic across Europe. Problem is the ash cloud, which was theoretically can cause malfunction of aircraft engines.

Waking up the volcano, which is located about 200 km from Reykjavik, began in 2009. A self eruption began March 20, 2010 and continued until April 5, 2010. As a result, the area covered by lava, was 1.3 square meters. kilometer. Thirteenth April, a new fissure eruption and followed by a new, and by 16 April exceeded the height of the column of ash 13 kilometers. According to estimates of the International Air Transport Association, the daily loss of airline flight cancellations at least $ 200 million.


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