The moving of the statue from Ireland




A group of teenagers and young people who are February 14, 1985 to pray in the church of St. Mary in Adzee, County Kerry, saw the statue of Christ beckoned them with his right hand, and the statue of the Madonna moved her eyes. A month later, parishioners suburb Bellidesmond said that the statue of the Virgin Mary in their church changed its position, and it froze on his lips mournful smile. This is confirmed in writing priests.

Thus began a very unusual period, when around the Emerald Isle — Ireland — religious objects were publicly exhibit different degrees of mobility. The most spectacular event took place in the evening on July 22 in the town of Bollenshpitl. When 17-year-old Clara 0'Megoni and her mother Sharon, prayed and went home, standing at the entrance to the 152-pound statue of the Virgin Mary took a step forward, and then returned to her place! This post has caused unprecedented excitement among believers County: over the next few months, hundreds of people from all over Ireland gathered in Bolenshpitl to witness the miracle. And many people actually have seen incredible things: a huge statue rocked on his heels, moved her shoulders, turned her head. Finally, Sergeant John Murray, who oversaw the procedure later in the evening was quite stunned to see how majestic statue took a few steps back and forth, and then, turning her head towards him, began to be shaken strongly in place. Greatly alarmed, the police called up on the radio, but for the arrival of reinforcements statue calmed down, blocking the entrance to the church and had to induct into place.

October 31 Bollenshpitle tragic event: night two skinheads vandals attacked the statue with a hammer and an ax, mutilated her head, hands, crown, insulted the worshipers. Jumping into the car along with a third friend, who shot this scene a video camera, a militant trio disappeared. They were quickly caught, but the local court because of legal technicalities acquitted.

In the book "The moving statue of Bollenshpitlya" British researcher of anomalous phenomena lists 47 sites in Ireland, where during 1985 there were numerous reports of the motion phenomenal statues and other phenomena associated with the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. And another researcher, Toybin Calm, collected in one volume of the book "See and believe: the moving statues in Ireland" more than a hundred witnesses and journalistic essays on these incredible events.

Responses to emerging issues in this regard can only be two: either a supernatural miracle sent down over the Irish, or optical effects, mass hallucinations. Experts who have studied the accident in Adzee, pointed out that the church between two tall statues located a circular window, and if a long look at him, and then translate the view of one of the statues, it may seem as if it changes its position.

"In the same way the glare of candles and lamps illuminating the statues in the dark, may result in them looking at the effect of eye movements. This is a reasonable explanation for most of the miracles happens in the dark or in the churches with their subdued lighting" — says his conclusion Calm Toybin .

Modern psychologists are unanimous in the opinion that when it comes to mass hallucinations, it turns out that the dreams of something to see — always see, regardless of whether there is a real one. With the mystical objects this psychological situation is repeated over and over again.

But from what position to interpret the fact of moving took place 152-pound statue of the Virgin Mary, which cometh to the place of police patrol? And what about the written statements of many enlightened people, saw first-hand the movement of statues of saints in the church Bollenshpitlya? A statue of the Virgin Mary was at twelve hundred yards of each other. In the bottom half a statue of yourself made its way through the small hill and stopped at the porch railing. This can attest to many people. From what positions modern science to explain this phenomenon? About any hallucinations here and there could be no!

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