The mysterious deaths of birds made it to the Baltic


14.02.11. Dead birds found a resident of Latvia Daugavpils (located at the distance of 393 km from Kaliningrad). How to inform site, she found in the snow about 15 bullfinches.

This is not the first case of mass deaths of birds since 2011. January 1 in Arkansas (USA) in Beebe died three thousand blackbirds. January 8 in the vicinity of the town of Saint-Augustin-de-Demoreel in Canada (Quebec) found 80 dead pigeons reached 80. Then reports of mass deaths of birds at Taichung, Taiwan.

The first case of the Baltic Sea has been fixed on January 6 in western Sweden Falcheping — killing dozens of jackdaws.

Swedish researchers found that granivorous birds that winter in the Baltic Sea, are ill trihenolozom — a disease caused by a worm, a parasite in the intestines of animals. Trihenolozom can hurt the birds and wild animals as well as livestock.

Komsomolskaya Pravda Kaliningrad

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