The mysterious planet Nibiru might be Venus

Now many people are asking the question of the existence of the mythical planet Nibiru. According to some assumptions, it is now flying to the Earth in order to make a judgment day. With that, it decided to combine with the arrival of the Mayan calendar, according to which, ostensibly, must come to an end in December 2012, according to Global News.

But is it? On the one hand, the Mayan calendar ends with the cycle, and on the other, Nibiru should already be on the approach, but it still can not be seen. Cycle of its revolution around the sun should be 3600 years, but astronomers saw a small Sedna far beyond Pluto with a cycle of about 10,000 years, and a larger Nibiru could not detect. Although it should be closer.

Nibiru, should be about the size of Earth's diameter or more. Its existence was taken from Sumerian-Akkadian myth. In general, the ancients, usually in their myths identified planets with gods. Thus, Marduk (Jupiter), the force of gravity, of Tiamat split stone fragments which formed the terrestrial planets. Earth to the Moon first appeared, then, on the way, Jupiter reserve balances Tiamat and Nibiru created the celestial body. One translation of the myth Enuma Elish, Nibiru, termed as Nebera. If you rearrange the syllables, it will be in tune with the planet Venus.

Quite an interesting idea, put forward Immanuel Velikovsky, who lived back in the twentieth century. Its assumptions related to Venus, and many were confirmed. One of his suggestions was that the planet Venus was not always on the orbit, which is now. Moreover, it could be the culprit of many natural disasters in the world, passing close to our home planet. It was also hypothesized comet motion of Venus in the past, as evidenced by the data on the planet's atmosphere.

In the ancient Greek myth of the birth of Venus, it was said that Venus is a long time to wander the world before they sat down on his throne. One can assume the throne orbit. And in this, Nibiru and Venus are similar — an elongated orbit could be adjusted in encounters with the Earth for a long time of its existence. By the way, both planets have a reddish tint, and both were accused of involvement in the earthly disasters.

Previous civilization, in the days of Noah, was destroyed by a flood. Today's researchers say that it was closer to Nibiru, and the ancients spoke of Venus — no wonder it was originally the goddess of rain and water. So maybe it does not fly to us no planet Nibiru, and has long been with us, as Venus?

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