The mystery of an underground lake Ik Kil.

Lake Ik Kil.
In general, it is worth noting that in the Yucatan Peninsula has a huge number of miracles, created by nature. However, the most unusual and important are the cenote (Cenotes). The term comes from the word "dzonot" means in the Mayan language "of the cave with water."

Watch underground lake Ik Kil

In Yucatan generally no lakes or rivers, but the original inhabitants of the peninsula have never experienced any problems with the water. And here's why. Peninsula mainly consists of a thick layer of limestone, which is very sensitive to erosion. Over millions of years, tropical storms are exuding the soil so that it resembles a piece of cheese with holes. The vast underground caverns filled with fresh water into one another, getting lost in the incredible depth. And some of the roof of the cave collapses, then just get a cenote. In Yucatan there are over 3,000 cenote, and only about half of them are registered and investigated.

Ik Kil underground lake is located just 3 km from Chichen Itza — the ruins of the Mayan city. The depth of the funnel is of the order of 85 meters. Enterprising Mexicans substantiated hotel here, but without the pool. But it Ik Kil it completely replaces.

Viewing Ik Kil possible with three levels. If you look at it from ground level, we can see the roots of the plants right down to the water in which the fishes swim black, and the tourists do not scare them.

Ik Kil and has another name — "Sacred Blue Cenote." It has a completely circular shape with waterfalls and lush vegetation. However, artificial waterfalls here, that's the truth. The hotel management and specially created to give this place a little more charm. By the way, stalactites, directly over the people — also the handiwork of man. There are, of course, in some stalactites natural cenote, but Ik Kil — this is not the case.

The water in the cenote is crystal clear and has a beautiful turquoise color, and its temperature is very comfortable for swimming — 25.5 degrees. In Cenote Ik Kil allowed only swimming, but fans can dive underwater to visit some of the other lakes, to be able to immerse themselves in the unusual water diving.

By the way, the Maya at the time preferred to settle just outside the cenote, but they used them not only as a source of fresh water. These bottomless pits filled with water and sometimes ends abruptly down a precipice, in the representation of the Maya were the gates to the underworld.

Ancient Indians believed that the dead person to get to the next world is not so simple. The soul of the late first had to go down a steep steep stairs to the underground world, where it is expected to test after experiencing which she found herself at the intersection of four rivers — white, black, yellow, black. Black River and led to the afterlife — Xibalba. And most interestingly, the tunnel there was more than just a nice metaphor. The actual man-made tunnel construction can be found all over the Yucatan.

In order to lure tourists, hotel owners, located near Ik Kil, they say that it is in this sacred Blue Sinote Maya rulers with their courtesans meditated and relaxed, reveling in direct contact with nature. Rather, it is simply an invention of the advertising that sinote carried to a certain Mayan religious sense, but no one stops to dream.



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