The mystery of the pyramids

The mysteries of the pyramids of Egypt written much and they gradually become clear. I want to tell you about the secret, which is not paying attention. Look at the three small pyramids are located near the pyramid of Menkaure (Mycerinus, Fig. Above).

Article written by Vladimir Pakhomov. We strongly recommend to anyone who is interested in the Egyptian pyramids.

In the book, R. Bauval and Gilbert E. "The Secrets of the Pyramids" is proved that the pyramids at Giza were built according to a single plan reflecting the position of the stars. The location and even the value of the three main pyramids — Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus correspond to the location and size of the three belt stars of the constellation Orion.

I think that by the quantity of the pyramids here need to understand their relative height, but not the volume or something. This correspondence is confirmed by the ancient records, mysteriously informing that Egypt was built on the plan of heaven — "on earth as it is in heaven." Indeed, if we are to understand the ancient structures, it is necessary to explain the ultra-precise orientation of these structures and their elements to the cardinal and various astronomical phenomena. For what purpose this was done? Why was it so important?

It turns out that this orientation, you can fix the time at which there was any significant event. What effect can this be done? The fact that the axis of rotation of the Earth itself makes circular motion, describing a cone over a period of about 26,000 years. This phenomenon is called precession, and the period of a complete revolution axis is called the Great Year. In accordance with this phenomenon is changing the picture of the sky, for example, the height of the stars above the horizon. This allows the use of precession as the "high points" allow capture and transmit distant descendants of his time. Knowledge of precession was one of the biggest secrets of the priests, their secret hidden from the uninitiated.

Any observer of the sky will introduce the concept of reference for measuring the positions of stars and change their positions. Without this it is impossible to study the sky, it is difficult to draw any conclusions and can not be transmitted to descendants accumulated knowledge. For example, only records from the analysis of the situation of stars for hundreds of years was opened (or reopened) the phenomenon of precession of the ancient Greek astronomer Hipparchus 160 years BC Because of the precession of the vernal equinox moves along the ecliptic towards the apparent annual motion of the Sun (precession of the equinoxes), and runs about 50 "per year. Over the lifetime of a single generation phenomenon is hard to notice. And by introducing a system of coordinates, you will inevitably come to the conclusion that the sky has already asked the very nature of some natural, base line. They are:

— line of the celestial equator,
— Line solstice (north — south)
— equinoctial line (east — west).

All of these concepts were well known to the creators of the pyramids. What system of celestial coordinates are used? In this work will be used only two lines, the line of the equator and the line of solstices. I will consider the equatorial coordinate system, other options left to the reader. For the main range in this coordinate system adopted by the celestial equator.

Figure celestial coordinates

For a start, remember some definitions.

Straight line parallel to the axis of rotation of the earth, drawn through the center of the celestial sphere is called the axis of the world — (PnPs).

A large circle of the celestial sphere whose plane is perpendicular to the axis of the world, is called the celestial equator. (V, 6h, A, 18h) — the line of the celestial equator.

The sun makes its apparent annual path of the celestial sphere on the ecliptic (circle V, S, A, W). It can be said that the plane of the orbit of the Earth around the Sun — is the ecliptic.

North pole of the ecliptic — En. South pole of the ecliptic — Es. The angle of inclination of the equator to the ecliptic is changed and is now approximately equal to 23 ° 27 '. The small circles, top and bottom, around the points En and Es represent the circle of precession.

The point of intersection of the ecliptic and the equator, which the Sun passes, moving from the southern hemisphere to the northern celestial sphere is called the vernal equinox — V. This point of the Sun passes 20 — March 21. Diametrically opposed to her autumnal equinox A. This point of the Sun passes 22 — September 23.

(V, A) — the line of the equinoxes.

The vernal equinox in astronomy is indicated by Aries — ^. I do not like this mess. Let's leave the zodiacal sign of the zodiac, and to refer to the vernal equinox will use the letter V from the words of Vernal equinox. This letter is similar to the sign of Aries. The point of the autumnal equinox is denoted by the letter A, the words Autumn equinox. This point is opposite the vernal equinox, and the letter A is similar to an inverted V, and so easy to remember.

(Maybe that's the way we begin to understand the alphabet, the secret value of the letters.)

The point of the summer solstice (S) is in the northern hemisphere of the sky, and the point of the winter solstice (W) — in the south. (S, W) — a line of solstices.

Great circles passing through the poles of the world, called the declination circles. Direct (6h, 18h) and (S, W) lie in one plane.

Zodiacal signs, is indicated in the figure corresponding to the approximate location of the zodiacal constellations in our time:

Taurus — _

constellation Gemini — `

constellation Scorpius — e

constellation of Sagittarius — f

In the equatorial coordinate system, the position of the point on the celestial sphere is determined by two quantities: the right ascension — a decline, and — d.

Right ascension of light is called the arc of the equator from the vernal equinox to the point of intersection of the equator with the terms of the decline luminaries. Right ascension is measured from the vernal equinox counterclockwise when viewed from the equator to the north pole of the world, from 0 to 24 hours.

The decline of light is called declination circle arc from the equator to the sun. Measured decline in the range of 0 to + / — 90 °. From the equator to the north pole of the world's declination is considered positive, and to the south — negative. Both of these coordinates are independent of the diurnal rotation of the celestial sphere.

Here is the constellation of Orion, if you take only the main stars. The dotted line shows the position of the celestial equator in our time. Star just below the equator form the belt of Orion. These stars are (top to bottom) are called like this:

d Orion, Mintaka, "belt".

e Orion Alnilam, "string of pearls".

z Orion, Alnitak, "sling".

The angular distance from the equator Mintaka (decline) for 2000 will be -0 ° 17'56 .8 ". The names of two stars located below is Rigel (bottom right) and Saif (bottom left). For ease of storage, you can use this method. We list the names of the stars in order, from top to bottom:

Mintaka, Alnilam, Alnitak, Rigel, Sayf.

If you take the first letters of their names, we get the word MAARS. Just remember — MARS is a familiar word. (I notice that, constantly solving puzzles, I myself began to speak in riddles.)

Here are the coordinates of the three stars.

Now look at the pyramids of Giza, is a photo of them at the beginning of the article and their compliance with the stars. Pyramid of Menkaure (Mycerinus) — the star Mintaka. Pyramid of Khafre (Chephren) — Star Alnilam. Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) — the star Alnitak. They all belong to the pre potopnomu type of architecture, examples of which are found in almost all parts of the world.

Next to the pyramid of Menkaure are three small pyramids lined up. A general view of the complex is shown in the figure.

Assigning to the image of the constellation of Orion with his earthly incarnation and counting coordinates, we get the following picture. Solid line in the figure shows the position of the celestial equator in our time. The arrow shows the direction of movement of the equator in the course of precession. The dotted line continues the line of three small pyramids, themselves, architecture, portray this dotted line. If we assume that their line sets the position of the celestial equator, it is the position of the celestial equator will take, for example, December 22, 2318.

Note that there is not taken any coordinate line on the celestial sphere, and one of the main lines — the celestial equator! This coincidence may happen a little earlier. Perhaps this coincides with some already famous prediction.

Status of the equator on the "line of pyramids" corresponds to a decline in Mintaka -0 ° 13 '26.8 ". But this is not the limit, its extreme position equator takes about 2564 then decline Mintaka is -0 ° 6 '42.3 ". And then the line will move back to the next great year. Such inflection points in mathematics are called extreme. Thus, it appears that either the pyramid define this extreme position that the celestial equator is a time for great year. Either define the position closest to the extreme, which is the celestial equator twice during the Great year. As can be seen listed equator different positions within + / -5 minutes, and this requires a high accuracy, both on the ground and the sky. And by the way the name of the star — Mintaka (belt), the celestial equator also metaphorically be called the Belt of the sky! That is the title star secured her a significant attachment to the celestial equator.


Declination (or latitude in the earthly representation) changes by

23 ° 27 '23 ° 27' = 46 ° 54 '
for half the precession period.

Other contacts — right ascension, changes to 180 ° during the same time period. That is to say, much more. Therefore, the use of this coordinate allows greater accuracy and reliability desired set time. And the creators of the pyramid complex is known. Look at the photos

You see the same three small pyramids and near the pyramid of Cheops! And their direction perpendicular to the direction of 3 small pyramids discussed earlier! Of course, they must be perpendicular if the main line is expressed celestial coordinates. These lines are perpendicular in nature. I'm talking about the line of the equator and the line of solstices.

See how it looks on a computer model of the Giza Plateau

Now on to the Sphinx. As directed Sphinx? The Sphinx faces due east. What is remarkable this point? Similarly sun rises in the east just twice a year, in the days of the equinoxes. And as shown in celestial coordinates of these two points define a line equinox. We can say that the Sphinx is always looking to the vernal equinox on the celestial sphere. He seems to be constantly watching her. And thus its builders wanted to tell us that we need to closely monitor the phenomenon associated with this point. And what a phenomenon associated with this point? This point is related phenomenon of precession of the equinoxes, precession! Sphinx itself is a symbolic expression of this phenomenon. But as I'll explain later.

Now you can draw a pyramid, the two dashed, the coordinate lines of the pyramids and the constellation of Orion with relevant, the two coordinate lines. Here I emphasize again that not undertake any coordinate lines, and the two main, base line — the celestial equator and the line of the solstice! Line solstice marks the two extreme points of the Earth's position in its orbit. This is the point closest to the Sun and the most distant point from the Sun the Earth's position. The figure shows the 3 great pyramids, three small pyramids near the pyramid of Menkaure, three small pyramids near the pyramid of Cheops and the Sphinx.

Image of Orion received a grid program StarCalc 5.0. on the date of December 22, 2318 0h 0m 0s.

This star chart shows the line of the equator (0 °) and the line of solstices (6h). But it turns out that the direction of the north in these two figures, in heaven and on earth diametrically opposed. What do you think, what does this mean? How can this be explained?

According to my calculations, now a second line 3 corresponds to the small pyramids on the celestial sphere in right ascension 5h 43m 46s.

December 22, 2318
Line 3 small pyramids in the pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)
coincide with the line of solstices.

Such an occurrence in the 10642 — 10546 years BC. e., that is half the precession period to the present day, in 25,920 years, as the ancient or 25729 years according to modern data. It is well known and supported by evidence, that during this period the Ice Age ended abruptly and catastrophic changes taking place on Earth.

If we consider the coincidence of both coordinates with a picture of the pyramids, such a match can be only one time during the period of the precession! Hence it was either 26,000 years ago either a single number may be added by cycles of precession integer or will be in the near future.

In addition to the accuracy of the data on the location of the pyramids in their construction, we must take into account the accuracy of the data on the location of stars available to the builders of the pyramids. While we are told that the observations of the sky made by the priests of ancient Egypt with the help of a very primitive tools — a wooden stick forked at one end and a plumb line. But if we assume that this is so primitive it was, then we must ask, who built the pyramids?

That could mean the date fixed by the pyramids? I will list some of the options:

Indicated the onset of the next planetary catastrophe.

Indicated the return of the "gods", promised by the gods "second coming."

Indicates the time the former, at least, one great year ago and associated with some extraordinary event, such as the Flood and the destruction of all life on Earth.

These assumptions are possible, if in the past the Earth's axis has not changed dramatically sharply his direction.

So, we found with the coordinate lines of the sky. Now the next question. And what on earth is the point of intersection of the lines of the pyramids? I refer to this point — the point of Thoth. On behalf of the Egyptian god of wisdom and numeracy. From the experience of deciphering the Calendar Message I know that this intelligence is inherent ambiguity of concepts, definitions and facts. In this case, each value of this ambiguity is accurate and independent. Therefore, if using pyramids given date by means of the set and something else. It is possible that at this point of Thoth, on the ground and to look for the great legacy of civilization.


This article was written two years ago. Recently, I met with another document — the Emerald Table of Thoth. About Emerald written many tables. Unfortunately, I do not know what to say about a particular document to which I give the link. I do not know the true a document or literary work, but it is interesting. Here is one quote (in my translation):

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean
Translation & Interpretation by Doreal

"Now I will tell you of knowledge, more ancient than even thinking of your race. Know you that we are the Great Race which had and having the knowledge that more human. The wisdom we received from the stars born races, wisdom and knowledge far beyond human. We descended down to the masters of wisdom, is also far superior to us, as I love you. Write it down you now, while I give you wisdom. Use it and you'll be free.

Know thou that in the pyramid I created keys, which will show you the way to life. Yes, draw, you, the line of the big image I created, to the top of the pyramid was built as a gateway. Draw you the other extreme in the same angle and direction. Roy, you, and look for the one that I have hidden. There you will find an underground entrance to the secrets hidden before you become men. "

After reading this, I did the following figure.

It clearly stated the position left to us, "Heritage", and where, and at what depth.

And one more, the most important question.

If we find a legacy, you have to open it? Do not open if we cooked for us, "Pandora's box"? The Greek myth sounds like a warning. When Pandora opened the jar, handed to her by the gods, which were made all the human vices and misfortunes on earth have spread disease and disaster. Only hope remained at the bottom of the vessel, as the Pandora slammed the lid, so the people were deprived of even the hope of a better life.

Maybe everything is designed for monkey people's curiosity? We must remember we are dealing with a civilization far superior to our own. Therefore, it would be good to answer questions. Where did they go, these pundits? But we survived, why?

Giza froze the clock at the time of the terrible catastrophe in the time of the death of a great civilization.

Vladimir Pakhomov

Interesting, very deep article. Thank you very much for it to Vladimir Pakhomov and Yuri for a link to the material.
Hopefully, the boundaries of knowledge in the pyramids area expanded from the one who reads it.


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