The mystery picture Crying Boy

In autumn 1985 the newspapers were full of headlines about the UK film Giovanni Bragolina "Crying boy." With this image of a lot of rumors related, superstitions, prejudices and incomprehensible stories.

After a series of fires, one of the firefighters noticed that everywhere on the site of the fire found a picture of "the crying boy." At this detail no one can be and not have paid attention, if not for one moment. This reproduction was present in each room where the fire started. In all cases, the fire, the picture avoiding any damage. Learn all about rest in Anapa for sale on our website

This incident became public in mid-1985 after the fireman P. Hall, told reporters that firefighters across the country are finding a copy of "crying boy" who have not suffered from the fires. Ignition sources have also remained unexplained.

After the interview, P. Hall to the editor poured hundreds of stories about this picture, the owners of which were affected by the fire. Following the acquisition of the image, the house of Dora Brand Mitchum turned to ashes in 6 weeks. It is "crying boy" survived, although hundreds of others of her paintings were burned to the ground.

Sandra Paint from Kilbourne said her mother, sister, and she got stung after purchasing this picture. The information came from all parts of the UK. All the houses were burned to cinders, but reproduction remained intact.

One of the editors invited all owners of pictures, burn it. After that, all holders who have burned their copies by November amassed nerve disease. They always felt that the spirit of the "boy" and is going to pursue their revenge.

Until now, no one can say for sure: it was just a coincidence or what — that pattern. On this occasion, There is a lot of legends. Some believe that an artist with an artist's model and mistreated boy cursed him.

Others think that the picture is somehow encrypted and therefore causes such phenomena. Still others refer to it more easily, and believe that the picture is no relation to the fires has not.

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