The northern regions of Norway suffered from severe flooding

The northern regions of Norway suffered from severe flooding caused by torrential rains, flooded fields, several villages are cut off from the outside world, according to Norwegian media.

In some communities, such heavy rains was already 50 years old, noted by the media. In the town in the county of Troms Bardufoss per night dropped 60 millimeters of rain — about 10% of the annual rate.

Weather Service reported heavy rains, but had no idea that they would be so serious, and people were not warned about the danger.

"Dropped twice more rain than we predicted. Most fell in 12 hours. This is the first time in 50 years. Our predictions were inaccurate," — said in an interview with news agency NTB representative meteorological Thomas Skaugen.

Kirkesdalen residents watched as the water level in the rivers rose in 40 minutes per meter. Commune Molselv affected than others: to destroy bridges and roads, flooded fields, farmers report that the entire crop was lost.

The authorities decide how to help the flooded regions.

"We have a special fund that can be allocated funding. Necessary to determine the damage and figure out how to allocate compensation" — said in an interview with reporters, State Secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy Minister Eli Blakstad.

Source: RIA "Novosti".

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