The number of flood victims in Thailand, more than 500 people

The number of flood victims in Thailand, as of November 6, more than 500 people. Reported by the Associated Press.

According to the authorities of the country in the disaster killed 506 people. The most critical situation in Bangkok, the fifth of which is covered with water. 8 out of 50 districts of the city were evacuated, and 7 were partially flooded. It is reported that in some parts of the water began to recede, but its level rises on the border regions and around Bangkok.

November 5 at risk of flooding was Chatuchak Market — business center and one of the major tourist attractions in the north of Bangkok. On Saturday evening, the water flooded the roadway and under the station Mo Chit Skytrain located above ground. Transport system itself is not affected.

Bangkok authorities are trying to protect the central areas with levees and pumps to pump water, but most of the residents have to rely on the work of the city sewer system, which dumps sewage into the sea.

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, speaking on the radio on November 5, said that next Tuesday the Cabinet will consider the plan of pulling out of the crisis situation. In particular, it involves the allocation of over $ 3 billion for reconstruction after the flood. "This problem is tormented me, but I'm not going to give up. Once again I want to assure everyone in this" — said Shinawatra.

Beginning in July 2011 from the heavy rains that led to flooding, affecting over 3 million people. Around 150,000 people in Thailand were left homeless. The damage caused by the disaster, according to preliminary estimates, more than $ 10 billion.


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