The number of victims in Colombia gathering got increased to 28

Because of mud flows in the Colombian city of Manizales killing 28 residents, dozens of people were injured.

As the portal referring to the local Red Cross, this is preliminary data, the number of casualties could rise. The city was completely destroyed 10 homes, rescuers dismantle the wreckage of buildings that are under a layer of mudflows.

"We are talking about 60 missing people. This number may not be accurate, but it is great, "- the words of the Red Cross, RIA" Novosti ".

Recall the 28 originally reported missing and four victims of the disaster.

The gathering took place in the city got Manizales on Saturday, 5 November, after several days of heavy rains. The population of the city, nahdyaschegosya in 278 kilometers west of the Colombian capital of Bogota, is 350 thousand people. Elements led to a large number of casualties due to the fragile housing residents who build homes on dangerous slopes of ravines.

Traditional seasonal rains began in Colombia in late September. Around 250,000 people have suffered damage, 40 people were killed.


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